New Mexico State Police identified the man shot by Santa Fe County Sheriff’s deputies at an Allsup’s on Thursday afternoon as 39-year-old Marvin Montoya, an employee at the store.

Montoya was shot while attempting to evade deputies after he fired a gun near the store, according a state police news release issued Friday.

The sheriff’s office responded to the scene near the corner of Avenida Del Sur and N.M. 14 around 2 p.m. after receiving calls that Montoya was armed and barricaded in the convenience store’s restroom, the news release said.

As deputies arrived, they found Montoya in an embankment south of the store, carrying a firearm.

When deputies attempted to speak Montoya, he fired one shot in the air, causing deputies to retreat and wait for assistance from the Santa Fe County SWAT team.

The SWAT team tried to negotiate Montoya’s surrender, but he “attempted to evade deputies,” the release stated. A deputy fired a shot, wounding Montoya.

He was transferred to a local hospital where he is being treated for his injuries.

Upon his release, Montoya will be facing criminal charges, according to the news release.

The name of the deputy involved has not yet been released. He has been placed on standard, three-day administrative leave, according to the sheriff’s office.

No deputies were injured during the incident.

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John Martinez

The details of this story are so scattered and not written well at all.....Chris if you take what this story says as the fact of what actually happened, you are as ignorant as the author.

Chris Mechels

Seems like another miss step by the SF Sheriff deputies. This Sheriff really needs to be removed, as he's hiring violent people, like Guzman and Ficke, and seems uninterested in controlling Use of Force incidents. In the current case, it seems they just lost patience, and shot the guy. This is directly against policy, but that seems to matter little. I thought Sheriff Garcia was bad, but Mendoza seems worse.

Nancy Lockland

Why do you just keep repeating what you said in the last article about this incident? What is it that you want done? For the cops to sit down and have a cup of coffee with the man who is running around waving a gun around at a convenient store. Just curious how you would approach this situation since you are so educated in talking down an angry drunk man?

Chris Mechels

Nancy, unlike you, I actually know what their training requires, because I've seen the Lesson Plans. In a case like this one, with no apparent immediate threat to the public, they should be PATIENT, and talk the guy down. Lacking with SF Sheriff and SFPD, due to very poor training and supervision, is patience.

A good beginning to change behaviors would be to simply give the shooter 3 days off WITHOUT pay, instead of 3 days off with pay. A 3 day paid vacation for shooting is exactly the wrong incentive.

Come to the LEA Board meetings, and learn something. Until then, be quiet.

Moses Townsend

Yeah I am curious how you would respond in that situation. I do think we need police reform and the default mode of many cops is way too trigger happy, but all the keyboard warriors that always comment here…most of them have probably not been in a situation most cops deal with daily.

Also, have you ever been to that Allsups? It’s pretty sketchy, I used to go frequently when I lived over there. Half of the employees seemed like they were tweaking.

Prince Michael Jauregui

"..but all the keyboard warriors that always comment here"? Man-up, be specific.

Second-generation U.S.A.F. - worked in Security after military service

I once maintained a degree of respect for Police, even donated on behalf of a fallen one. Now? After numerous murders of the unarmed, -including 13-year-old boys- coupled with a lifetime of racial-profiling and years of harassment? Power-tripping criminals hiding behind guns and badges. Zero-respect, like they've earned.

Chris Mechels

Yes, I know that Allsups...

Another troublesome point, that I forgot to mention earlier, is the Use of Force policies, and training of NM cops. They are all trained to shoot Center Mass, period. As the "Center Mass" target is the heart, they are always, by training and policy, shooting to kill. If they don't kill, they missed their target. No warning shots, no shooting to wound, unlike the European cops who take leg shots. I have suggested to the LEA that we should also train cops to take non lethal shots; no luck.

With the current weapons, esp the AR-15, which is deadly accurate and a stand off weapon, shooting to wound is both feasible and appropriate, but the cops refuse to consider it. The European cops say we WANT to kill suspects. Perhaps they're right? So, the question becomes, do WE want to kill the suspects; such as this disgruntled employee?? I don't, how about you? It about time that we get serious about asking this question, as the deaths, and multi million dollar settlements mount up. Do WE want to pay out millions so the cops can enjoy killing us with impunity? I don't, how about you?

Emily Koyama

Wrong, Mechels (As usual). An unhinged man running around with a firearm, shooting it in the air, then takes off running to do who knows what? If he had run into a nearby home,and taken hostages, then maybe killed them, would you be happier?

Good lord, just get off your anti-law enforcement soapbox already....everyone is sick of it.

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