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Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin speaks Jan. 31 at the state Capitol. The FBI on Sunday arrested Griffin in Washington and charged him with knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority following his alleged involvement in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Couy Griffin, incarcerated in the nation’s capital, is still an Otero County commissioner.

The leader of the political group Cowboys for Trump was arrested by the FBI on Sunday in Washington for his alleged involvement in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas said he intends to see Griffin removed from his elected office.

Balderas said his office is aiding the federal investigation into Griffin, 47 — who is charged with knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds without lawful authority — while also gathering evidence for a criminal probe into Griffin’s time on the Otero County Commission.

“We’re hopeful the federal prosecution will move rather quickly and the evidence presented there will help make the case for his removal clearer,” Balderas said Monday. “The general public should be outraged about what he’s been able to do while in office.”

Balderas called Sunday for Griffin to resign. In a letter to Griffin, Balderas accused the commissioner of misusing public office for personal gain, neglecting his duties and participating in the Jan. 6 attack.

Balderas said if Griffin doesn’t resign, he will take all appropriate legal action to seek his removal.

“An elected office is a public trust, and no official should use it to encourage violence and attack Americans,” Balderas wrote in the letter.

Balderas said he is investigating Griffin for misuse of campaign funds and tax dollars since he was elected in November 2018.

While Griffin could be convicted of a federal crime, that alone wouldn’t lead to his removal from the commission. Balderas said the state would need a judge to sign off on either a writ in a civil procedure or a jury trial in a criminal procedure to oust Griffin.

“The reason I haven’t quite determined the final course of action for removal is almost every law enforcement agency is still actively investigating multiple layers of the incident at the Capitol,” Balderas said. “There’s the ongoing federal investigation, as well as our own criminal investigation about what he’s done in New Mexico.”

ABC News footage from the Capitol riot shows Griffin, who has led pro-Trump rallies at the New Mexico Roundhouse, on the building’s steps within the restricted area that was breached by the protesters.

Griffin acknowledged during a Jan. 14 County Commission meeting he had participated in the Jan. 6 attack and planned to return to the nation’s capital for Inauguration Day, according to an affidavit filed in the federal District Court for the District

of Columbia.

“I’ve got a .357 Henry big boy rifle that I got in the trunk of my car and I’ve got a .357 single action revolver that I will have underneath the front seat on my right side,” Griffin told the three-person commission, the affidavit said.

“And I will embrace my Second Amendment,” he continued. “I will keep my right to bear arms, my vehicle is an extension of my home in regard to the Constitution law, and I have a right to have those firearms in my car.”

Otero County Commissioner Gerald Matherly declined to comment on Griffin’s status Monday. Commissioner Vickie Marquardt did not respond to calls and emails for comment.

According to the affidavit, the FBI also reviewed since-removed videos on Griffin’s Facebook page in which he reportedly explained his involvement in the attack on the U.S. Capitol and his plans to return with firearms by Inauguration Day.

In an interview with FBI agents, Griffin said he planned to attend the inauguration and put the American flag on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk with “no option that’s off the table for the sake of freedom,” the affidavit said.

Griffin has become known for his inflammatory political rhetoric, making national headlines for remarks that seemed to be calling for violence.

In May, he said Democratic governors should be executed for enacting public safety orders restricting business operations during the coronavirus pandemic.

He also said at a church in Truth or Consequences that “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”

He has insisted he wasn’t speaking literally at the time.

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Khal Spencer

Inez Russell Gomez R/T'ed a statement "The other two members of the Otero County Commission call on Couy Griffin to resign. Both are Republicans."

About time...

Tom Ribe

These right wingers talk pure nonsense. They attack our government, literally and with their politics and they wrap themselves in the flag. They are frankly anti-American. They are the opposite of patriots and in the case of cowboy man here, he hides his extremist views by wrapping himself in the flag and his father-figure Donald Trump. How stupid do these far right people think the American people are?

Jim Klukkert

Cheese whiz You Guys! COOL YOUR JETS, please.

Griffen has been busted, due process is how we roll [most of the time anyway] the County Voters may have the opportunity to do a little better in their choices. There should be efforts to get this thug out of office and into jail, LAWFULLY!

Time to cool the anger, that is not the good way, and sad to see folks throwing act for what is essentially a done deal. That folks are so upset says to me that people are not getting outside as needed for an even temperament.

So hey amigos, Rejoice, it snowed. Boots & mittens, maybe hats, and out you go.

We will need even temperments and knowledgable souls to get through much more serious challengers than thug twerp Griffen.

Khal Spencer

Griffin doesn't worry me nearly as much as a constituency that would re-elect him after all this commotion.

Mike Johnson

Agreed Khal, he is an ignorant peon not worth much of anyone's time to even discuss. I trust the law to handle this far more than voters, we know the kind of people they elect, like the common criminal/thief who represents me in the Roundhouse.....

Khal Spencer

That's what I find rather interesting. I don't recall Hector going after the lady who was buying shots of Whistle Pig and ball game tickets on the government's dime while representing an area that could never afford that stuff.

Also, the astounding silence from Progressives when it is one of their own with the fingers in the government cookie jar. I think we all need to remember that verse about the mote and the beam.

Khal Spencer

Oh, and what representative promptly introduced a self-serving bill allowing people to put derogatory, but true information down the Memory Hole?

Mike Johnson

Well said Jim! Strapping those old cross country Norwegian skis on to go get the paper this morning was fun.

Khal Spencer

You got snow up there? We got bupkis down here in Santa Fe!

Mike Johnson

5" right now Khal, and more still coming down.

Leigh Oats

The boy is AHNC: all hat no cattle.

Gerald Montoya

I'm not sure who is more Anti-American here, the insurrectionist or the sympathizers here making excuses in this for what is clearly one of the most egregious attack on Democracy since the Wilmington Coup of 1898. It came to be seen as a coup d'état, the violent overthrow of a duly elected government, by a group of white supremacists.

Cleve Spence

You nailed it!

Khal Spencer

Speaking of being anti-American, what do you have against due process and the Bill of Rights? Balderas is more than welcome to demand that Griffin step down but he is also astute enough to know he cannot force Griffin down without going through the judicial system.

Khal Spencer

Wait till Mr. Griffin finds out that New Mexico firearms law doesn't apply in Dee Cee. But meanwhile, there is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Maybe the good Attorney General should let the courts do their jobs.

Mike Johnson

Indeed Hector should Khal. But remember is is all about politics and personal hatreds based on politics, not the law. Frankly, I would prefer that the voters decide on Mr. Griffin's fate should be not be convicted and thrown in jail immediately.

Lupe Molina

Weird, Mike. You're all law and order about antifa and BLM protests but when Ol' McHonkie here gets pinched for saying blood will run down the steps of the Capitol, you're all excuses and reconciliation.

Angel Ortiz

Really Dr. Mike? Griffin has repeatedly abused his 2nd amendment rights, took part in the disgusting events in DC on January 6th, he is a racist, and doesn't deserve to hold public office. Time for him to face federal prosecution. I'm sure that he'll make lots of close friends in a Federal facility. Voters have no say now. Time to move on.

Mike Johnson

Lupe and Angel, if you read the article it says he can't be removed even if found guilty of a federal crime without more due process. You see that is what sets America apart from many other countries, we require legal due process, and proof in a court of law, not allegations and preferences of partisan politicians and others who are not impartial, objective, or unbiased. That is why I love America, maybe you all, including Hector, would prefer say Venezuela?

Angel Ortiz

I've been to Venezuela Mike. Politics there are similar to what happened in DC on January 6th. Mr. Griffin is no different than any other wannabe gunslinger in that country. Perhaps you might prefer Texas? Great place to live just stay away from Corpus Christi.

John Cook

Quo Warranto will lie to oust Griffin. It doesn't require a conviction of any kind. If he doesn't resign he will soon enough find out that the law has remedies for those who trash their obligations to their office.

John Cook

Balderas has made it clear he will go to court if necessary. He has every right to call on Griffin to resign. Steve Pearce and Yvette Herrell ( his Congresswoman who was in the Capitol) should also be calling on him to resign.

Mike Johnson

I do wish Hector was as interested in those in his own party who get elected, like the common criminal/thief /grifter who represents me in the Roundhouse. He is far too selective in his attention to law breakers.......

Barbara Deppman

I respect and support AG Balderas request for Mr. Griffin's resignation. It's about time. There is no place in beautiful NM nor the land that we love for him nor Ms. Herrell. At times I feel we are living back in Cuba...where I thought I was leaving an insane government when I emigrated!

Carolyn DM

It's about time!! We don't need Radical Republican goons like this in our state! Now, how come his clownish Cowboys for Trump FB page is still up?

mark Nickson

Below is Facebook entry from Cowboys for Trump for Mark Ronchetti, currently employed at KRQE News as Chief Meteorologist. Mr. Ronchetti lost NM senate race to Ben Ray Lujan. After failed senate race, KRQE quickly rehired Mr. Ronchetti as their chief meteorologist. Mr. Ronchetti never denounced this senatorial endorsement.

"Cowboys For Trump

June 3, 2020 ·

Shout out to Mark Ronchetti and his victory in the primary for a very important Senate seat. Cowboys for Trump is behind you all the way Mark and we are at your service if there is any way we can assist in furthering your campaign! Congratulations and let’s see you thru to Washington DC!! New Mexico proud!!!"

Mike Johnson

So your point is that a person should be fired from a job if they are endorsed by a person charged with a crime?

mark Nickson

You don't get it.

Richard Reinders

Mike the plan is now go right to the sentencing and skip the trial.

Edward Mendez

Thanks Mark for you comments bout Mr. Ronchetti. We watched KRQE news and weather regularly after Ronchetti departure for campaigning. We also regret his return and likely replacement of other qualified meteorologists they had on the show. It is difficult to watch his TV antics knowing he supports racism, white supremacy and the anti-science positions of Trump and his Cowboys.

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