A young Santa Fe man who told police he stabbed his friend to death while under the influence of LSD in 2020 pleaded guilty to second-degree murder Tuesday and was sent to prison for six years.

State District Judge T. Glenn Ellington sentenced 19-year-old Matthias Hutt to 15 years in prison after accepting his plea Tuesday. He suspended nine years of the sentence in favor of probation, per Hutt’s plea agreement with the District Attorney’s Office.

Hutt’s victim, Aiko Perez, was a recent high school graduate who was 17 when he was killed.

The youths spent Perez’s last night alive ingesting large amounts of marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms and LSD together, Chief Deputy District Attorney Blake Nichols said, and documented much of their activities via video and audio, some of it posted on social media platforms.

Toxicology screens confirmed Perez had all three substances in his blood when he died, Nichols said Tuesday.

Blake said initial tests confirmed Hutt had more than 500 nanograms of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) in his system, about 400 times the level of five nanograms set as the presumptive limit for impairment in Colorado.

But the prosecutor said Hutt’s original blood sample wasn’t preserved long enough to perform screens for additional substances.

According to court records, police responded on June 5, 2020, to a report of a man parked in the intersection at Chestnut Street and Calle Atajo acting erratically and claiming to have stabbed someone. They found Hutt sitting in the driver’s seat wearing a T-shirt and boxer shorts with blood on them.

Hutt told officers he and his friend were “tripping on acid,” and his friend had “freaked out” before stabbing his friend in the neck, according to a Santa Fe Police Department statement of probable cause.

Hutt’s attorney, Tom Clark, said officials had combed through thousands of messages and posts seeking any indication of animosity between the two friends and found none.

Perez’s mother wrote in a letter to the court not a single day passes that she doesn’t miss and cry for her son but said she had “no bad feelings” towards Hutt.

Hutt’s mother — barely able to speak through her sobs — told the judge the incident has brought a depth of despair to her family that knows no bounds.

Hutt read a letter addressed Perez’s family at his hearing and asked for forgiveness while pledging to be at their service for the rest of his life.

“I can’t even begin to articulate how sorry I am or how horrible I feel,” he said. “It is beyond [what] words can convey. I feel ashamed just being in your presence.”

Hutt said he had considered taking his own life but decided against it because he didn’t want to inflict the same kind of trauma on his younger brother that Perez’s younger sister had suffered when her brother was killed.

Nichols said the state agreed to the plea deal with the permission of Perez’s family, in part to spare the family the agony of taking the case to trial.

“The State worked this case diligently from the start and engaged Mr. Perez’s family in that process,” Nichols wrote in an email following the hearing. “We are not afraid to try these tough cases, but we recognize the uncertainty that a trial can bring and we left that difficult decision up to Aiko’s family. Nothing can bring Aiko back. Nothing can undo this tragedy. But, ultimately, this was what the family chose. It sends the man who murdered their son, brother, friend, grandson to prison and, hopefully, provides some, small, sense of closure.”

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Mark Ortiz

Can we at least admit, this isn't the everyday, repeat remorseless offender we read about ad nauseum in this newspaper? So, very rarely do we ever read about this sort of tragedy where the offender is this young, this remorseful, accepting of responsibility, and the family is so forgiving and carries no bad feelings toward Matthias. Am I concerned with what life in the pen will possibly do to him and what he will be like upon his release, sure. Am I familiar with all the usual suspects here in the comment section who probably prefer him dead, in prison for life, assume he's non-rehabilitatable, and lump him in with all those who you feel have no redeemable qualities because God forbid , there for the grace of God go you. I do wonder as we sit behind our keyboards if this were the 1800's, would any of us have the stones to be part of an actual lynch mob? I'll admit I have some very very angry feelings towards Andres Lira-Hernandez and the unjustful system that allowed him to murder JD and Bryana. I just can't rightfully can't put Andres and Matthias in the same basket.

paul pacheco

Ellington is one of those lawyers who when in private practice could not procure enough billable hours to be a real lawyer! He, like all other politicians, aspired to become a lifelong judge/politician because the paycheck is guaranteed! 6 years for taking someone’s life using the “he was on drugs” excuse? His knowledge of the law (too much power/discrepancy) and his connecting with the community are as distant as the moon is from the earth! The answer? Vote him out next election!

Andrew Lucero

What a travesty... Since our judges aren't holding the criminals accountable for their crimes anymore, then it's time that we start holding the judges accountable... They ALL need to be removed... VOTE NOT TO RETAIN.

Khal Spencer

What a joke.

Pam Walker

In 6 years or less he will be back on the streets after killing his friend. They always blame the drugs.

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