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Russell Scanlon

I’m not jumping in here on either side, but it certainly seems like a bone headed move to be spending money on this kind of stuff especially right now.

I’m curious though—doesn’t the state provide money for the Governor’s office to entertain visitors, lobbyists, potential corporate/business interests? That seems totally legitimate. I know the Governor’s office in Texas had a substantial budget for that kind of activity and they used it with wild abandon. I know because I worked there as an entertainer for Ann Richards, Rick Perry, G.W. Bush, etc. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong but it is certainly not uncommon. Just wondering.

Lydia Dietrich

Maya Angelou put it best:

“When someone shows you who they really are, believe them the first time.”

MLG seems to be passing it off as if it were some sort of “whoopsie”. Don’t believe it for a minute. These were conscious choices, and if they weren’t made by her personally, they were signed off by her. That is not a “whoopsie”, that is a character flaw on full display.

And her expression of “regret” appears more of regret in GETTING CAUGHT than regret of her crappy choices. She knew what she was doing but decided to do it anyway, that is not an “accident”, that is a character flaw. Pay attention. Believe what you’re being shown the first time.

THEN, as if that weren’t insulting enough, she goes on to say “let’s see how to constructively apply the rest of the funds”, don’t be fooled. That is all just a little slight of hand magic to make you forget about the funds she pissed away that MUST be accounted for. Did she say anything about the replacement or recovery of those misappropriated funds?


Governor Grisham: IF you REALLY want to show accountability for your mistakes, PLUS prove in a demonstrable way that you TRULY FEEL “the pain” that YOUR OWN EDICTS are inflicting on your constituents, ante up the difference OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET. That is called “ownership of your f ups”, which is part of responsible adulting. Anything less is a fake apology with the added insult of trying to get away with it.

I moved here from California (yes I know, go on and hate me whatever🙄). But NM is my new home now, and I will do all I can to keep this from becoming another California. But you guys, what the heel were YOU thinking in voting someone like her in?? I did not vote for Gavin Nuisance either back when I was in CA. He was the mayor of San FranSH💩💩SCO and I saw how he destroyed that city and I thought it would be utter stupidity to sign off on same person doing to the entire state what he did to San FranSH💩💩SCO! You had to have had some kind of idea what a disaster she was going to be! What was her platform? #OrangeManBad ? 😂

I have the bad feeling that, unlike the movement to recall Newsom, that this revelation is going to be a non starter. New Mexicans MIGHT be outraged for a minute, then turn the page and forget about it. Am I wrong? This is one of the few times I’m hoping that I am wrong here🤷🏻‍♀️

Greg Heitmann

Once again, the Governor with a "sense of humor" makes sure the joke is on the New Mexican proletariat regarding the "bad press" she gets. Yet, there's no shame.

Matthew Trujillo

The Governor has stated that she admits that purchase looks bad, and that she feels the pain of the New Mexico people. This does not look bad, but in is a bad purchase

Her willingness to not admit it like such just shows now she isn't in touch with the needs of struggling New Mexicans $6500.00 worth of food and liquor is inexcusable. This is the New Mexico's tax payers money. Maybe the Governor should look into serving food at homeless shelter will show her exactly how wrong she was. New Mexican deserve better, and I hope the media continues to watch the Governors spending. I will NOT vote for the Governor again. P.S. don't even get me started that she was entreating at the mansion during one of the worst pandemics. Governor stop thinking about yourself.

Red Eagle

Lujan Grisham said she was told her plan would violate the state’s anti-donation clause. She said she should have asked for a “secondary financial review” of that clause to see if her plan was possible.

Hummm, what happened to the “executive order” thing you were so freely throwing around to destroy people’s livelihood, maybe you could have used one to help people in need.

Red Eagle

“I don’t want New Mexicans to feel like I don’t take seriously their hardship,” she said.

Too late!!!

Brad Doubles

Left, right or center, this is hardly the look of a leader. Rules are for thee, not for me. I got caught and my excuse is such a load of bs, it just makes me look worse. Except I can't see that bc New Mexicans and the press love me ..

Cant you folks see what is really going on here??

Keep voting for turnips like this and NM will never even break fortieth worst performing state in the country....

Kevin Johnson

It's funny how people will still defend this Governor. I can tell you some people who work hard that are more deserving of a great meal ! How about our very own NM National Guardsmen? Or how about the men and women who serve on the streets of NM to keep us all safe? Maybe the front line workers who are risking their lives during this covid pandemic? I would say they are more deserving! The governor is a poor example of leadership and should be recalled. She's right up there with Newsom and Cuomo. State dictators who care only about how they can line their pockets and look down on the very people they are suppose to be serving!

Mike Johnson

"..still defend the Governor". Indeed, it is called partisan political hypocrisy, a common occurrence among NM left wingers.

Kevin Johnson


Bonnie Cox

Dark hair, olive skin, brown eyes. K AM a Dimocrat.

Red Eagle


Dottie Butler

We still don't know what our previous Republican governor spent millions on in undisclosed legal settlements.

Did she really have an affair that she used taxpayer money to buy someone's silence?

I know New Mexico republican politicians haven't had much to cheer about politically in the last few years.

I'm still waiting for the answers from former governor Martinez.

I don't think any of us will ever get an answer.

David Romero

We aren’t talking about Martinez. We’re talking about MLG..

Dottie Butler

The Martinez question came first and is about millions of dollars of taxpayer money and is STILL unanswered. Martinez is still hiding from it.

Janelle Johnson

MLG is an elitist - right up there with the likes of Gavin and Andrew. They don’t regret their inappropriate and pathetic behavior. They only regret getting caught. The condescension is so thick with this governor, you could cut it with a butter knife. She is no leader.

paul pacheco

What a hypocrite! First, it’s giving pay increases to “staff” already earning above average salaries in such an under paid state especially with teachers and police! Then she’s having guests over when there’s a pandemic and she’s telling everybody to stay home! The big slap in the face is to the restaurant workers and the industry itself who is really hurting! But to those that elected her, don’t feel guilty, you did the right thing! Let’s get ready for the next election!

Janelle Johnson

I couldn’t agree more!!

Lee DiFiore

Great point. But if you don't think the fix is in, take note of how quickly the "huge raises for staff" story vanished from public scrutiny.

Patrick Brockwell

$6500 during the pandemic, about a year now. $20 a day. How extravagant. When people work hard they deserve a nice bite to eat, even a libation, with the boss. Too often what serves as management in government looks like making sure bad workers don't get away with something good. It is right and proper to recognize good work and the people who get the job done. Our state kept the pandemic at bay longer than most and is getting the vaccine out quicker than most. I'm sure it hasn't happened by itself. Thank you Governor and Staff!

David Romero

Where are you getting your information from? NM ranks number 30 as far as covid infections and deaths and was second only to Oregon in restrictions. I hardly call this keeping the pandemic at bay. Thank you Governor and staff!

Angel Ortiz

David, the Governor cannot hold your hand everyday. The State's COVID-19 numbers are not good, I agree. But you can thank all of those who are in denial of the virus and still refuse to wear masks and maintain social distancing. Take a hard look around town . Tons of out of state license plates rolling around. Many of these visitors do not abide by the rules. Soon they will be living here next door to you. The town is changing quicker than you think.

David Romero

The point is the Governor instituted these harsh restrictions and they didn’t slow the virus one iota. Just ruined the lives of thousands and thousands of people who’s well being she is responsible for.

Carlos Vasquez

thank you for the reality Patrick; retrumplicans in their deplorable anger/fear.

Kirk Allison

She regrets her spending? Really? I’d say, much like Gavin Newsom in California, who said he regrets dining at The French Laundry amidst his own lockdown, she regrets getting caught being the elitist she is.

Have we forgotten her jewelry shopping exception, where she sent another staffer out to pick up a jewelry purchase downtown while the rest of us were forbidden to do any shopping *by her orders?* I guess that was as essential to running the state as serving Wagyu.

At least in California, they’ve regained some good sense and are doing something, preparing to recall Newsom. But we in New Mexico are too stupid to get there’s a huge double standard, or too complacent to do anything about it.

Barbara Salazar

Just sad I wasn’t invited! You’re an excellent Governor!

David Romero

On top of everything else she thinks the whole thing is funny???

Mike Johnson

MLG needs to consult with the state party girl, Andrea Romero, about booze. WhistlePig is much superior to what MLG chooses.......[lol]

David Romero

The Governor feels bad now that got caught with her hands in the cookie jar. And then tries to blame it on a staffer whom she calls a " rock star" ? Really cares about the people on NM who are struggling. Really? Calls this article bad press? This is imbecilic. She must think people are stupid. She would have been much better off keeping her mouth shut.

Mary Jane

By the "rock star" a gift card with money from your own wallet and say, "sorry, would love to host everyone for dinner but you know the situation." What's hard about that?

KK Hannegan

Wagu beef? Tuna steaks? EXPENSIVE! And booze?!! No booze at government meetings. Ever. People are lined up at food pantries. New Mexicans are receiving EBT during this pandemic to feed their families. And the governor serves high end gourmet foods and booze at government meetings. This is so wrong, so disappointing. It's like Ted Cruz flying to Cancun while Texans go without heat and water. Eating Wagu beef and tuna steaks and swilling gin and tequila is an insult to New Mexicans who are trying to pay their rent/mortgage/utilities/and food costs. PUBLIC SERVANTS!!!! Governor Lujan, you serve the people.

D Moran

A double standard? Gov., Aren't we "all one"?

Julee Clear

$6500 over how many months? Important info missing from this article. This is politically motivated--the Dems would have the same outcry if it were the Repubs in office. It is not out of line for the governor--whichever party is in office during the pandemic--to wine and dine people for meetings, staff, etc. In almost any other state, $6500 would be considered a paltry amount. Don't we have bigger fish to fry than this?

Alexis Martinez Johnson

We’re talking about a pandemic where she has said to stay home alone. Secondly, she purchased Wagyu beef which is the MOST expensive beef money can buy. The purchase of tequila and rum, etc. is out-of-line and shows a disregard for New Mexicans and we are not talking anything about party affiliation.

George Welland

What can an average citizen do to a hotel room ... ?

Verses what a "rock star," with an accountant to pay for it all, can do (hey, the rock star didn't pay for the damages, the accountant did, right)?

Nice that the governor relented by saying, "Even when you're mean to me, I expect you ... to do your job;" and "I understand that you have to do a job. And when you do, you create more trust and credibility in elected leaders." Talk about deflecting blame, even if the story was pretty petty or at least concerned small change.

If reporting on the governor's $6,500 petty cash party is "news," and the governor encourages such brave investigative reporting, then image what kind of praise these reporters may receive when (if) they report on the million of dollars of fraudulent payments stolen through the state's unemployment insurance program (while honest citizens are made to wait on the phone for months to get the benefits they're rightfully entitled).

Waiting for the big story and of course the kudos that will be forthcoming from the politicians for the investigative journalists working the capitol beat (NOT, I mean NOTT)!

Stefanie Beninato

Immediate repayment would go a long way to alleviate this "oversight" on how these funds should be used. I am not sure why any public official including MLG and Andrea Romero think taxpayers should foot the costs of alcohol. And expensive beef and tuna? How about hamburgers and canned tuna instead so we could think you really are one of the people.

Khal Spencer


Alexis Martinez Johnson

Yes Stefanie I mean I think all of us understand meetings and hosting them but these circumstances she said stay home alone. When you are talking about the MOST expensive hand fed milk beef and tequila -that is a disregard for New Mexicans. Some of us are saving to buy milk and bread for our children.

Khal Spencer

Is there a different set of rules for what the Gov can put on the public tab compared to say, Andrea Romero? I'm serious about the question.

Daniel Valdez

If the average state state worker were to misuse taxpayer dollars, they'd be fired and/or do some time in jail. This is such a double standard. Is she going to repay the people of NM??

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