Medical cannabis bill would let vets enroll without diagnosis

Jaylene Kost, office manager at New MexiCann Natural Medicine, weighs out a variety of cannabis called Medicine Woman on Thursday. A bill before state lawmakers would allow veterans more leeway in obtaining a medical marijuana card.  Jane Phillips/The New Mexican/FILE PHOTO

A Senate committee voted Wednesday in favor of a bill that would make changes to New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Program, but some lawmakers were troubled by a section that would allow veterans to enroll without being diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition.

One state senator who voted in favor of the measure said he might change his vote when the bill reaches the Senate floor.

Senate Bill 8, which would increase the amounts of marijuana patients could possess and producers could grow, would be the first legislative change to the medical marijuana program since it was approved 10 years ago, said Sen. Cisco McSorley, D-Albuquerque, the bill’s sponsor. McSorley also carried the original medical marijuana bill that passed the Legislature in 2007.

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