A week of bottle rocket building and go-kart racing sounds mostly like pure fun. But Early College Opportunities High School auto collision instructor Chris Coriz believes it’s a long-term investment that will make the school year much easier.

As schools in Santa Fe prepare to open their doors to students for the 2022-23 school year, educators are finding different ways to get kids comfortable with the school climate and culture. It’s a particularly important task, they note, as students adjust to life back in brick-and-mortar buildings after two years of on-and-off online learning.

For Coriz, part of that meant corralling a group of more than 20 incoming high school freshmen during one of the last weeks of summer to race go-karts and measure the velocity of handmade rockets.

080522 jw gocart2.jpg

Gabriel Olivas winds his way through the slalom to beat the clock last week at Santa Fe High School.

080522 jw gocart3.jpg

Precious Romero waits her turn on the course last week at Santa Fe High School.

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