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Santa Fe Community College paramedic students from left, Christopher Serrano, Jonathan Taylor and Alex Kallenberger practice using portable ultrasound technology on Roman Delamater during class Wednesday as faculty member Samantha Barela looks on.

Most college classes don’t involve checking the health of students’ lungs.

But the Wednesday morning paramedicine lab at Santa Fe Community College’s Emergency Medicine Services Institute was not most college classes.

As student Logan Luiz sat on a gurney, instructor Drew Congdon pressed a gel-coated ultrasound wand against Luiz’s chest, fitting it into the space between two ribs. About 20 students — all about halfway through the college’s one-year paramedic program — gathered around as a cloudy, black-and-white image appeared on Congdon’s iPad.

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Instructor Drew Congdon demonstrates where to place the ultrasound to get readings from the lungs to students in Santa Fe Community College's paramedic training program.

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Portable ultrasound results are seen on an iPad Wednesday at Santa Fe Community College.

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Paramedic students crowd around to watch as instructor Drew Congdon, center right, takes readings from student Logan Luiz while they learn to use portable ultrasound technology. “This is what’s made ultrasound really possible for the pre-hospital world,” he said of the device that connects to a phone or iPad.