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Music teacher Kevin Darrow, at Wood Gormley Elementary School last week, said he doesn’t think more educational hours are going to improve New Mexico’s student outcomes. “I want more people in the building,” he said. “... That will help my poor students that are struggling to read.” Jim Weber/The New Mexican

Most days, Kevin Darrow’s classroom is a whirlwind of students, music stands and musical instruments in motion.

He and other “specials” teachers at Wood Gormley Elementary School — those who offer lessons in music, art, physical education and library skills — work with four or five classes each day across seven grade levels. Darrow said he typically has more than 100 students a day.

That’s a lot of moving parts — from chairs to instruments, marimba mallets to musical manipulatives — with very little time to prepare. Darrow said he usually has zero to 15 minutes to ready his classroom between the time one group of students leaves and another walks in the door.