Catalina Love-Kortz, a fourth grader at La Mariposa Montessori School, is many things: a jiu-jitsu enthusiast; a drummer, singer and pianist; a primary member of local hip-hop garage band girl group Miss Behavior and the Treblemakers.

When she grows up, she wants to be a songwriter or maybe a lawyer.

In the meantime, Catalina, 9, is a budding social scientist and has an interest in geography — she likes learning about other cultures and how people in other places live.


Catalina Love-Kortz, 9, plays a beat on her drum set Tuesday afternoon in her parents' garage in Santa Fe. Catalina, on top of winning first place in her school science fair, is the drummer of a local hip-hop girl group called Miss Behavior and the Treblemakers.


Nine-year-old Catalina Love-Kortz holds up the first-place ribbon she received for winning her school science fair with her study of customers’ manners in two coffee shops in Santa Fe.