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Last week, after returning from a fun vacation in New Orleans — great food, voodoo and, best of all, music everywhere — a story on one of my s…

Roundhouse Roundup

Uneasy on the Plaza

I’ve known Roque Garcia since several years before he started cooking his carnitas on the Plaza in the mid-1980s. He’s a good-hearted, good-na…

Presidents Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Barack Obama knew that an important, if unwritten, part of the job is being comforter-in-chief in times of national distress. Events in the past week show the current president does not.

Artful Living By Design

Designed to soothe

My advice for anyone who wants to design a space that feels like home is to do the necessary hard work to truly understand the people who will be using it — whether that’s you and your family, your co-workers or a client.