New Mexico's battle against COVID-19 continues to rage, and the numbers are troubling.

The state reported 2,201 new cases over a three-day period ending Monday, including 101 in Santa Fe County and 38 in Rio Arriba County.

In addition, a Santa Fe County man in his 60s was among nine deaths reported Monday by the state Department of Health. The agency said the man was hospitalized and had underlying conditions.

Of the state's cases, nearly one-fourth — 501 — were in Bernalillo County. But the virus continues to roll on in Eastern New Mexico, where Chaves (164 cases), Eddy (179) and Lea (169) counties continue the struggle. In addition, Otero County (80) and Doña Ana County (163) have high case counts.

The number the Health Department closely monitors — hospitalizations — remains high but consistent. On Monday, 352 people were admitted for coronavirus-related issues.

Of the deaths reported over the weekend, San Juan, Bernalillo and Eddy counties suffered two deaths each. The other victims were from De Baca and McKinley counties. 

Since the crisis began in March 2020, 4,481 people in New Mexico have died from COVID-19.

Two-thirds of the state's population older than 18 have been fully vaccinated. But 11 counties remain under 50 percent for total vaccinations and one — Roosevelt County — remains under 35 percent.

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Robert Fields

Hey unvaccinated - insurance companies are going to (or have already started) pass your disproportionately high medical costs on to… YOU!

Since unvaccinated are now costing the insurance companies such huge medicals bills even though a vaccine could prevent most of it, they have decided it’s you guys that should suffer the consequences and not them or the rest of us. You’re the ones putting yourselves in ICU beds, tying up ambulances and helicopters, etc, by your own behaviors.

So just a heads-up. You may not care about your own lives, those of your families, neighbors, etc. You may still unbelievably think covid is a hoax (hint - Trump lied).

Just know that if you get covid and it puts you in the hospital, you are going to be paying a lot more than just a deductible.

You can post all you want about the overweight and smokers with whataboutism, but I suspect it won’t change the reality of what you have set yourselves up for.

Good luck!

Janet Lucks

As they should...the anti vax crowd is trying to take us all down with them!

Comment deleted.
Robert Fields

How about trusting in your god -and- getting the vaccine, Cesar? Or do you not wear seat belts, not get checkups, not take any other vaccines? Do you not look both ways before you step into a crosswalk? What other simple safety precautions do you not do while you put all your faith in your god?

Did you ever think your god might not like that you endanger the gift of life you were given while also endangering the gifts others were given too?

And how do you know you got “Corona”? Did you get a test? Also, only a small percentage of people show symptoms even though they are highly communicable and contagious. Your personal experience does not mean that others aren’t dying because they are. Right now it’s over 1000 per day with most by far being unvaccinated.

And how do you know your uncle was killed by the vaccine? That’s a one in a million chance. Though it has and does occasionally happen it is exceedingly rare. If you are going to try to scare others with your anecdotes, you need to provide more proof than making an assertion that is statistically about as impossible as it gets. For you to know “many friends” who died from the vaccine, you need to either be a statistical unicorn or have millions of close friends. Odds of one in a million dying from a vaccine is way better than one in 58 from covid. You are advocating a behavior that will get people killed. If the vaccine didn’t provide protection, why are ICUs overrun by unvaccinated people?

Spreading misinformation and fear by telling others about all the people you claim to know who died from the vaccine doesn’t help anyone, Cesar. You are helping to set others up for sickness, disability, and even death.

Comment deleted.
Tom Hyland

Cesar, I'm glad you posted your thoughts here. Your belief in God is inspiring and you can thank Him for giving you a vital immune system along with all of your other dynamic features. It is tragic the amount of people who believe they have no natural immunity while our search and destroy inner-metabolism is killing thousands of enemy invaders 24/7. Maybe these people watch too much television. This is a brief video in which George Carlin describes the importance of a healthy immune system.

Joseph Tafoya

Why is there no mention as to whether there are people that have been VAXED in the count of people hospitalized or dead? This is an important piece of information for public consumption. Is the state withholding the information?

Robert Fields

Numerous interviews with hospital staff all over the country pretty much all say the exact same thing - those in the ICUs are almost all unvaccinated. Those that die are almost all unvaccinated. There is no reason to expect that to change much even as the vaccine’s effectiveness diminishes over time because the booster dose is a known thing now and is being rolled out.

Bill Dimas

FDA has now FULLY APPROVED the Pfizer vaccine!!


Robert Fields

It’s amazing that this even needs to be said. Hospitals and ICUs are full in certain parts of the country and people that need any kind of hospital care are being turned away. Covid death tolls are climbing quickly again. Governments and businesses are reinstating mask mandates. Some regions are going back into shutdown.

Don’t get the vaccine and you remain part of the problem and could silently be responsible for deaths of friends, family, and even yourself.

Jarratt Applewhite


Comment deleted.
Robert Fields

It’s sad but Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a discredited anti-vaccine voice. He has name recognition from his dad but people would be wise to research his anti-vax stance thoroughly before deciding not to get the vaccine.

Tom Hyland is spreading anti-vax misinformation. The reality is that severe side effects from the covid vaccines is rare. Death is a one in a million chance. However, the odds of dying from covid without the vaccine are 1 in 58 (1.7%) - about 17,000 times higher than getting vaccinated. Please, if you don’t understand why one in a million is much better odds than one in 58, please ask someone who can explain this to you. Talk to your doctor. Do not make life or death decisions based on what some vocal random posts on a message board.

Tom Hyland is pushing a strategy that opens you to much greater odds of sickness and death. SFNM really needs to remove his posts advocating not getting the vaccines as a matter of public health.

Tom Hyland

You THINK Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is discredited but that is only in your myopic understanding, Robert. The man is informing millions how dangerous the vaccines are and he is highly respected. "VAERS" is the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System which is a subsidiary of the CDC. There are now nearly two million incidents of health accidents and death at the VAERS location, each case assigned its own number. Many people are dying within 24 hours of receiving their first shot. Others dying after the second is administered. Robert, you are spreading pro-vaxx misinformation and your comments here could be harming people. Hopefully readers here can look beyond the propaganda echo chamber you inhabit and make their own discerning choices for their health. The SFNM really needs to remove your posts advocating the vaccines as a matter of public health. However, I never click the "report" button because I do not believe in censorship, but you sure do. This is a video reporting injury and death due to the vaccines as compiled by VAERS. The numbers appearing in the left hand column, up past one million, are actual VAERS account numbers assigned to these tragic occurrences.

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