A petition to impeach Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham over her handling of the COVID-19 pandemic is circulating online.

The petition on change.org, which holds no legislative or statutory power, was started this week by Santa Fe resident Carl Jenkins, who did not respond to emails for comment Friday.

The petition states Lujan Grisham has drastically overstepped her authority by continuing the lockdown of New Mexico’s citizens during the pandemic and falsely claims hydroxychloroquine, an arthritis medicine and anti-malarial drug, is a remedy for the novel coronavirus. The drug has not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a treatment.

When asked about the petition, a spokeswoman for the Governor’s Office had no comment.

The number of deaths related to COVID-19 in New Mexico reached 344 Friday, according to the state Department of Health. “The Governor should be immediately removed from office to prevent further harm to the residents of New Mexico,” the petition says. “Violations include arbitrary business shutdowns, forced masking, restrictions on free assembly, closure of state and city owned recreational facilities and much more.”

As of Friday afternoon, the petition had 493 electronic signatures, although all signers don’t necessarily live in New Mexico. Four people also left comments on the page to voice their support.

“She has orders in place that aline [sic] with Communist China!!!” a commenter wrote under the name Ann McGregor below the petition.

“She needs to be reminded whose [sic] in charge!!” added a commenter under the name Aleja Allen.

According to the New Mexico Constitution, elected state officers can be impeached for crimes, misdemeanors and malfeasance in office with a majority vote of the House of Representatives before a two-thirds vote in the Senate brings a conviction.

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Stefanie Beninato

This petition seems like a waste of time since the state supreme court has already ruled in the case of the mayor of Grants that MLG has not overstepped her constitutional power under public health emergency powers. Another ploy by the party of death to make those who care about the effects of the pandemic on people's health (unlike the Liar/Denier/Slayer in Chief in DC) look bad.

Mary Louise Romero

My family appreciates the governor as do I! We know you have our best I retest at heart. If people point their finger at being proactive, forgive them. The truth is you responded quickly and honorably. God knows your Intentions, so do we. Thank you and God Bless you. .

Tom Hyland

The Santa Fe New Mexican is in on the controlled propaganda, too, stating falsely that the petition was false in promoting hydroxychloroquine as an effective remedy for the virus. The Gates funded vaccine monger, Anthony Fauci, declared this age-old prescription was the treatment and probable cure for coronaviruses 15 years ago. I'm going to sign the petition to oust the governor. She is killing Santa Fe and New Mexico. Read the article. Learn something.


Carl Jenkins

Here's the link to the impeachment petition:


Carl Jenkins

The SFNM reporter's assessment of my petition to recall the governor says that I made a false claim concerning the availability of a remedy for COVID-19 This is not true. The HCQ regimen has in fact been successfully used by doctors around the world.


Khal Spencer

Any idiot can start a Change.org petition, whether from the Left or Right and it seems to me the Left is more active on Change than the right. But without a judicial opinion saying the Governor has gone beyond the law, this is just political stupidity. Go to court.

Robert Bartlett

Nah, let her stay in office. Let her and her acolytes explain the damage done to the people of New Mexico. Even the SFNM will find it hard to keep up the adulation.

George Welland

Recall for how she handled the pandemic? I think that's a partisan petition, but if someone wanted to start a petition to fire the labor secretary or make him straighten out the mess over the unemployment insurance office... I think a lot of people would sign that one!

kyle renfro

GEORGE WELLAND, the labor secretary is appointed by MLG who can fire him, so if she keeps him them she is also to blame, just as how she destroyed the rest of the state. Only one more worthless is Brian Colon, elected state auditor "Mr. Powered Milk", and Mrk Shea, the appointed DPS Secretary..

kyle renfro

the only data you get from MLG is that which she has concocted and released and there is no secondary verifiable source of date to confirm her results so of course she releases the date that puts her in a favorable position and draws a storyline that, accordingly to her, in the end, she was the 2nd coming of Christ in New Mexico. Of course her nature is that while Rome Burned, she went jewelry shopping and concocted a cute story when she was caught. And after spending all the state budget, her future plan is to beg the fed govt for more money, the democratic way, and spend reserves and try tp spend the permanent fund, rather that finding saving methods, cutting her overpriced staff pay, and eliminating her worthless socialist programs. Keep paying for free college, keep state workers at full pay, and make happy all the California transplants that comment on this post everyday who have full retirements and no nothing about NM culture. At least her space project is still on tract so those on unemployment can pay 250k to ride into space for 30 seconds.

Mike Johnson

Yes, like in "Network", yelling out the window will not get anything done. The Guv needs to be held accountable for all the businesses she has destroyed, and all the poverty, hunger, and mental illnesses she has created, along with the people who were denied diagnosis and treatments and thus delayed the progression of serious diseases due to her incompetence and draconian, ego-driven, unnecessary decisions. The voters and/or SCOTUS are the best to make he pay for what she has done.

Mark Stahl

Are you’re implying that this pandemic is a hoax perpetuated by the governor in order to achieve her socialist agenda?

Mike Johnson

No, not a hoax, but like Rahm said, never let a good crisis go to waste. She is using it to advance her socialist agenda, and destroying small capitalists is the first step, soon she will come after all of us and her government largess will be all that is left for the people to rely on. Mission accomplished, in her first term no doubt, as she will not give up these dictatorial powers until she has forced everyone to be vaccinated.

Di Martin

Not to mention the erroneous COVID-19 numbers being reported to up the ante on Federal funds for the State!

Barry Rabkin

To our Governor: Thank you for your actions to keep New Mexicans healthy and safe. I am with you every step of the way: actions based on science and medical advice. I will definitely vote for you when you run again for Governor.

DeeDee Downs

Amen, Brother!

Maya McDonald

A petition to impeach our Governor Carl? Really! She has kept our state’s numbers lower than any of our surrounding state’s. Be grateful not hateful. She is the best.

Muyska Santa Fe

Thank you Governor for all the work you’ve done keeping us safe and sound during this health care crisis. I can only imagine how high the numbers could have been if you had not provided the leadership that you have. Godspeed to you governor and your staff carry-on!

Kathy Fish

Let's quit giving attention to folks with too much time on their hands. If you can't spell basic words, we shouldn't be taking you seriously. Lujan Grisham has done a fine job, and I suspect these complainers would be singing a different tune if they actually lived somewhere dangerous, covid-wise.

Cancel Cancel

It's a slow news day when what's essentially "Old Man Yells at Cloud" makes the front page.

Anyone can set up a change.org petition and anyone - even functionally illiterate rubes - can sign it.

DeeDee Downs


Carl Jenkins

And any functionally illiterate rube can post ad hominem fallacies in the comments section of the New Mexican. Try addressing the issues raised in the petition instead.

Cheryl Odom

Why can't these people spell? Sorry, retired college professor. I have issues.

DeeDee Downs

LOL! With you on this, Cheryl! Personally I'm incredibly proud of Michelle... She had a huge mess to clean up after the dreadfully corrupt Susana La Tejana...

Amy Earle

All I can say is how stupid. These swing the doors open people are fools. Thank God they aren’t in charge or who know how many more Covid cases and deaths we’d have in NM.

Carl Jenkins

Try addressing the issues raised in the petition instead of being insulting.

Patrick Brockwell

New Mexico has had one of the best outcomes in the country. I am glad our Governor has the courage to do the right thing for our state. Besides, the president told her to take charge when he was too timid to take the lead.

Claire Peterson

Impeaching the wrong person here, Carl....

DeeDee Downs

OMG... this cracked me up and made my day!!

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