The state's COVID-19 numbers took a dip Wednesday, with 543 new cases reported. But the death toll remains significant.

Fifteen more New Mexicans died from the disease caused by the coronavirus, according to the Department of Health's daily report. One of the victims was a Santa Fe County man who had been hospitalized and had underlying conditions. Other victims included residents of Bernalillo, Curry, Doña Ana, Eddy, Lea, Lincoln, Los Alamos, McKinley, San Juan and San Miguel counties.

Santa Fe County reported just 10 new cases, one of its lowest tallies since the delta variant sparked a surge in cases earlier this summer.

Lea County reported 108 cases, with Bernalillo County at 88. Doña Ana County had 74, but no other county had more than 50.

The state's hospitalizations remained consistent, with 394 reported Wednesday.

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Randy DeVinney

New Mexico has the 10th highest COVID vaccine compliance rate in the nation, with 60.8% of eligible residents being fully vaccinated. We also have a very high face mask compliance rate, with visitors from other states observing that they see a lot more people wearing face masks here than in adjacent states.

On an unrelated matter, New Mexico is tied with Michigan for the 14th highest COVID-19 death rate in the nation, at 217 COVID deaths per million in population. That's higher than Florida and Texas, which both prohibit face mask mandates.

Sabine Strohem

Do you understand why we have a higher death rate than expected?

Robert Fields

Great reporting if those numbers are true, except your conclusions need some work.

We have pockets of high vaccine/mask/distance compliance, and pockets of very low compliance. Guess where the hospitals are full and where there is available capacity - same state, just two separate behaviors and each with predictable results.

The south, southeast, and western parts of the state are what are driving the deaths and hospitalization rates (with some help from a select few central but uncooperative counties.

What you are doing is citing the high death and hospitalization rates of the least compliant parts of the state and using those numbers to say vaccines, masks, and distancing don’t work. That’s where you made your mistake.

As others pointed out, to get to the heart of the matter, look at who is sick and dying. It’s much cleaner data and easier to follow for some. The sick and dying are largely unvaccinated.

Get your shots, wear a mask, and distance. It’s how you stay alive right now.

Robert Fields

Must be that ivermectin reducing covid cases I just saw Yvette Herrell pushing on TV news while thanking her deity for all the glorious options. Herrell sent a letter in July to Anthony Fauci wanting to know why he wasn’t pushing ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. (Uh, because they don’t work against covid?) Herrell was concerned that Fauci wasn’t giving her pet cures the attention or mention they deserved.

As an unscrupulous Trump supporter, Herrell must have forgotten to mention other quack cures like drinking bleach, inserting UV lights in various orifices, huffing hydrogen peroxide, eating silver, washing with methylene chloride, drinking camel urine, touching your TV while televangelists give you a cleansing blessing, wearing insecticide-laced rope necklaces, or eating hot peppers. Just a few of the “miracle” cures pushed by various anti-vaccine folks. (I eat hot peppers, got my shots, and don’t believe I’ve had covid so maybe the hot peppers work - can’t rule them out I guess.)

The anti-vax, anti-mask, pro quack cure crowd loves Yvette Herrell. Too bad she’s working against her constituents’ health and well being. She’s helping to eliminate her own voters with potentially deadly misinformation as she fights common sense covid prevention behaviors like masks, distancing, and vaccines.

If gobbling ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine actually worked, why is her district the part of NM suffering the most from covid? If they had the miracle cures all along, why are so many of Herrell’s constituents sick and dying? (See the maps at

Republican “leaders” are convincing their constituents to use worthless cures and preventatives while shunning the proven methods. Hard to lay any deaths specifically at Herrell’s feet but there’s no doubt she is at least partly responsible for many southern NM deaths.

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