A day after setting a new high for coronavirus cases, New Mexico came close to matching its single-day record by recording 828 new infections Sunday.

The number of New Mexicans hospitalized for COVID-19 increased to 287, the largest patient count since the pandemic began.

Health officials said 77 percent of the state's general hospital beds and half its intensive care beds were filled.

New Mexico has seen record case numbers in October, with a one-day high of 875 infections Saturday.  

The Governor's Office has tried to quell the outbreak by implementing tougher restrictions on businesses, but the state's caseload has continued to swell.

Doña Ana County recorded the most new infections Saturday with 206, while Santa Fe County had 38, according to the state Department of Health.

Bernalillo County added 156 cases, Lea County had 46, Luna County had 44, Chaves County had 42 and Eddy County had 39.

The Central New Mexico Correctional Facility in Valencia County recorded 40 new cases and the Otero County Prison Facility had 21.

The state has had 41,863 confirmed infections and as of Sunday, 20,837 people have recovered from the illness.

Health officials also reported deaths in Bernalillo and Lincoln counties to bring the statewide toll to 967.

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Orlie Romero

Dang, Democrats have really dumbed down. Keep voting for the same people and expect a better result?

Just vote Trump and dump your embarrassment that you were smashed in 2016, it’s ok everyone Loses!

Remember, you have been wearing masks for months and guess what, the #s have dramatically increased, masks are a waste of money and time, nothing but a control tool for the weak minded.

Wes Peterson

The New Mexico Health Department posts 800 plus new cases. How about posting how many people recovered from the virus and then let the people do the math. I do not blame any member of the government for letting this virus in the US. I do question the responses by each state government to completely shut down their economy taking away the ability of citizens to earn a living, and yes pay their taxes!

Mark Stahl

Current data shows that the outbreak here in NM is being driven, on a per capita basis, by the southern counties. You know, the ones where they bragged about ignoring the public health mandates.

Geri Budenholzer

The Governor knows what she is doing; it's the citizens who aren't following what is in place.

Peter Wyman

The Libs are screaming "It's all Trump's fault!" but give MLG a pass here in New Mexico. HYPOCRITES!

Claire Peterson

It is Trump's fault. Plain and simple.

Jim Klukkert

Peter Wyman, well known for spreading lies regarding Sen. Robert Byrd and other Dems who led the charge to legislate Civil Rights for the African-Americans who won those rights with their blood through non-violent civil disobedience.

We know you are the 'HYPOCRITE,' all caps yours, not mine. Are you also a racist opportunist, Peter Wyman?

So look forward to your thoughtful, well reasoned and sensitive reply!

Janet Lucks

The President, Vice President and entire Administration can't seem to keep themselves free of Covid! Mark Meadows claims they aren't even going to try and control the spread! And the disrespectful negative comments from the same bunch of malcontents MJ especially....feel sorry for whomever has to have frequent interaction with him.....you criticize our Governor when our crackpot President does nothing but spew hate and campaign? No One is running this Country! Except Moscow Mitch....who looks like he's succumbing to syphilis....

Peter Wyman

I assume you also blame the leaders of every European country that is experiencing records numbers of cases....which is just about ALL of them. The HATE in your heart is palpable.

PS...Please be sure and congratulate new Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett!

John Cook

Pretty funny for a Trump supporter to whine about hate.

Mike Johnson

MLG just needs to admit she has no idea how to stop this, she is clueless.

Lee DiFiore

She plans another widespread closure of NM businesses, her go-to solution for everything covid. Stand by for 11/4, day after the election. If she waits even one day past 11/4, it's because some small thinker on her staff told her to hold off for a bit so her decisions don't look "political".

John Cook

Or she could simply surrender like the Trump Administration. The anti-maskers have defeated Trump and they have not defeated MLG. Brava for her!

Mike Johnson

Really??? How's that mask mandate and mandate to stay home and only 5 persons working right now......she has failed, look at the data above.

John Cook

We have our share of Republicans in New Mexico. The 'surrender to the virus' crowd. The Governor can choose good policy but folks who willfully spread the virus can defeat good policy. Congratulations. But it's senseless to blame the Governor.

Mike Johnson

So Mr. Cook, there are many left wingers who blame Trump for all the 230,000+ deaths, Biden says he is responsible for all of them, and now you contend that the Guv can't be blamed for anything here in NM, even though she has assumed all the vast powers given to her under the poorly written emergency health act, and we have been told the 10th Amendment puts her squarely in charge of all things related to this disaster and she cannot be challenged in court. And this lack of blame to the Guv is because the right wing is deliberately sacrificing themselves for her to fail? But somehow, Trump is still responsible for everything? Have you ever taken a course in logic?

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