New cases of the novel coronavirus are trending upward again in New Mexico, with another 209 infections reported Saturday, including eight in Santa Fe County.

It was the third day in a row that state health officials reported over 200 newly confirmed cases. The daily average had been below 200 until the past couple of days, according to statistics released by the state Department of Health.

New Mexico now has 11,619 cases and 491 deaths, including two Saturday — one in Cibola County and another in San Juan County.

San Juan County added 78 cases, Bernalillo County had 37, Doña Ana County had 24 and McKinley County had 23.

The state also said another inmate at the Otero County Prison Facility tested positive for the virus.

As of Saturday, 122 people were hospitalized in New Mexico for COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the virus. Overall, 1,851 had been hospitalized since the pandemic began, and 5,251 had recovered.

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Matt Ponteri

This weekend was another weekend of Texas plates driving thru, around, and crawling down side streets here in Ruidoso. We should be bumper to bumper in Texas plates right now, but CV has halted that traffic in it's tracks. The fact I'm seeing any Texas plates at all is kind of unnerving. The rate of confirmed CV cases there is out of control, the same on the other side of the state, in Arizona. Some tourists wear masks, others don't (as well as locals), and although I know the local businesses must be struggling, it seems our chances of becoming another one of those towns who opened up to soon, and has an outbreak of CV, becomes more of a possibility everyday. I could blame Texans visiting here, or the mayor, or businesses for wanting to open and survive, or the locals who refuse to wear a mask, but I think the blame lays squarely on the one who claimed "I don't take any responsibility at all", trump. I'm 60+ years old, and recall other national crisis, and every president before this one stood tall and took the responsibility for the crisis squarely on their shoulders. It didn't matter if they had caused the crisis or not, it's what a leader does. He throws the weight of the crisis on his back, and leads the country out of it, as best he can. To me, that's a true leader, whether the outcome is perfect or not, it's the taking responsibility for the country, the crisis, the actions, good or bad, and sticking it out till a conclusion is had. Trump has done none of this, and has only blamed others for his mistakes, and lied to the country all along the way. To me, he's been nothing but a coward, who's every decision has caused us more pain. Now, while Texas, Arizona, and other states are back where they started, he's in DC not dealing with any of it at all. This country deserves a leader who wants to be there, take the bull by the horns, and direct us out of this disaster. Trump is not that man.

Dr. Michael Johnson

Cases (and soon deaths) spiking in BernCo and SF Co. due to the protests, the truth is becoming known about them, but some of the press refuse to admit the politicians who sanctioned and encouraged them have blood on their hands.......

Jim Klukkert

Mike- About a week ago, you were lauding Texas for the great job they were doing on the Coivid crisis.

Now Texas is in a crisis foe lack of ICU capacity for spike in Coronavirus cases.

So should we be at all interested in your posts on Public Heath? You don't seem to have called the Texas situation correctly.

Interestingly, the spikes in Texas, Florida, Arizona and Mississippi don't seem to have anything to do with protesters.

Do the governors of those states not have 'blood on their hands,' to use your language-guaranteed-to-incite.

Patiently awaiting your vivid condemnations of those Governors .


Kim Swininoga

Tx hasn’t maxed out ICU space yet...they projected it by July 6.

As for protesters and riots, it seems you don’t think those states had any? That would be incorrect. I will also point out that Tx and AZ were open for quite awhile before this recent’s pretty clear the issue is young people and their belief in their own immortality. Does anyone believe a protest protects one from a virus?

Finally, I will take Tx and Fla results to date over most of the country. The issue is NOT cases, it is positive test rates, ICU attendance, and......wait for it......deaths per 100,000.

Kathy Fish

Yeah, this Michael person isn't a source to be trusted. He frequently posts strong statements without any references or sources for his claims. He's notoriously anti-protest, and is now using that as a way to blame COVID increases on marginalized POC fighting for equality. In reality, Webber has confirmed that a few Santa Fe families who travelled/gathered are responsible for spikes - and he famously blamed New Mexicans the other day in this newspaper, implicitly inviting wealthy, largely-white tourists from neighboring states to flood in. Posts that seek to inflame and incite aren't posts written by credible sources, and should be ignored.

Kim Swininoga

Exactly true, Dr. the media and politicians whistle through the graveyard when the subject of protests, and the resulting COVID cases, comes up.

Cleve Spence

Not a surprise in super red San Juan County where the majority thinks COVID-19 is a government conspiracy! And, that same majority do not wear masks!

Jerry Appel

Infection numbers are rising, but that number lacks perspective. People are dying from COVID-19 in New Mexico as in the rest of the country, but what do those numbers tell us versus time. New Mexico has had one of the most extensive testing programs in the country which means that the recent rise in positive tests could just be a result of more extensive testing because we are not hearing the full picture. Just following the number of deaths it would seem that is really improving, but again we don't know the full picture. We need a better picture. Just publishing these two numbers in isolation promotes misunderstanding. This publication needs to do a better job.

Amy Earle

What exactly is the governor to do? We did not rush into opening. Face coverings were mandated quite some time ago. We’ve been doing a very large amount of testing. It’s not the governor’s fault that too many people are running all over the place acting like they’ve been locked down for years. The governor is not responsible for NM being sandwiched between 2 virus ridden states that have affected us. The person most to blame is the alleged leader of our country who has completely abdicated his duty. While COVID cases are skyrocketing he’s off tweeting about saving confederate monuments and living in denial about the crisis the country is in. How about the federal government supplying N95 masks for all Americans? It’s not the governor’s fault we have no national plan and it’s not her fault that too many citizens of the state show no social conscience or responsibility. That’s on them not her.

Connie Lopez

Yes, but PED, under the Governor's supervision, recently announced NM public schools would be open for business August 2020 on a rotating-type schedule. MLG later said announcement made in error. I just think as NM economy sinks, MLG faced with difficult choices, not very popular.

Chris Mechels

My observation, from grocery shopping on Friday in SFe, is that we are in big trouble. The parking lots are full, the shoppers seem to ignore distancing and hand washing, relying upon masks. Those masks, in turn, are highly variable, from a handkerchief to a N-95 (real) mask. All those masks comply with the Governor's requirement, as nearly anything would. Why not just tell us hold our breath??? That would work about as well. I wear an old N-95 which protect ME and others. She would have us wear a tissue paper "to protect others". Unclear that she has any idea what she is talking about.

Needed; to appoint a Covid leader who is credible, unlike Michelle and David S. Michelle should go "govern" and leave Covid to the adults.

At this point she has NO credibility, so her exhortations have little effect. I reckon we will just "ride it out" with Michelle shedding tiny tears, utterly impotent.

As we found in WWII, when the war starts you need to appoint competent leaders. We have failed to do that, so our leaders are incompetent. Michelle's "job", as Governor, is to appoint competent leaders, NOT to lead herself, as she is incompetent to do so. She doesn't seem to know the difference.

Meanwhile another beautiful day in New Mexico, where Covid grows while the Governor trembles.

Julie Berman

She has more credibility than you as you just like being judgmental. She has done everything to stay on top of COVID and it’s trajectory. Lots of people are not wearing masks and that alone causes others to isolate more.

David Ford

That is correct Julie, thank you. And yes, Chris's message is like a broken record, always the same, never changes, and centers around his simple minded political hatred for the Governor. I am grateful to be living (literally and figuratively) in NM, where her efforts have made a huge difference in our states numbers. The problem is those citizens who think that the virus doesn't affect them and put everyone at risk. Any type of face covering helps contain the mist and spray from talking and coughing especially if everyone wears them. To claim that N95 is the only answer is misguided and ignorant. Yes I would prefer to have an N95 but I am not going to whine or spew forth hatred for the person doing her best to keep this contained in contrast to the whiners whose ignorance is part of the problem.

Chris Mechels

David, I don't "hate" the Governor, I just don't think she's effective. And remember we were told for 2 months NOT to wear masks, and now to wear "ad hoc" masks. I accept that she is, in her mind, doing her best, and is incompetent. I think NM should do things proven to work; as demonstrated in Korea, China and the EU. So, please stop "spewing your hatred" at me, and make some useful suggestions. I believe she should show some leadership, and appoint someone with adequate credentials to manage the Covid effort. She's not that person.

Chris Mechels

I attribute part of the problem with folks not wearing masks to the very confusing guidance, since March. Also, that wearing masks "doesn't protect you, it protects others". Wearing an "ad hoc" mask doesn't much protect either. A good N-95 mask, or equivalent, or at least a surgical mask, does offer protection, which is why all those Asians have been wearing them. More science, less exhortation, would be nice.

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