State health officials on Thursday reported 994 new cases of the coronavirus and 15 additional deaths, including a Los Alamos County man in his 90s. 

San Juan County added five more deaths, while Bernalillo, Curry and Valencia counties each had two. Lea, Sandoval and Socorro counties each reported one more fatality.

Santa Fe County had 34 new cases, Bernalillo County added 220, Chaves County recorded 116, Lea County had 96 and Doña Ana County logged 87.

New Mexico has reported 234,475 confirmed cases, resulting in 4,544 deaths. 

On Thursday, 392 people were receiving hospital care for COVID-19 in New Mexico.

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Scott Miller

When will our business community have the courage to post in their storefront windows:



Robert Fields

It’s sad that that won’t really help. Back before we had a fringe right forging vaccine cards, people could be counted on to do the right thing and at least not enter anywhere that they were asked not to enter.

Nowadays, anyone challenging patrons to show a vaccine card, mask up, distance, or whatever is likely to be assaulted, spit on, coughed on, beat up, and even shot dead.

The right has lost its mind. I couldn’t recommend anyone try to enforce vaccine mandates and even mask mandates without armed police ready and standing nearby.

Angel Ortiz


Sabine Strohem

What was the vaccination status of the positives, the hospitalizations, and the unfortunate deaths?

Robert Fields

This really needs to be reported. If the unvaccinated saw day in and day out that they are by far the majority in ICU beds and caskets (by way of cold storage in refrigerated trailers in Florida, Texas, and other states), they might finally get a clue.

We've got two new mutations starting to spread overseas that appear to be vaccine resistant. That makes it easier for them to spread and changes the equation yet again to where more need to be vaccinated to keep it in check - if it can be kept in check without new vaccines tailored specifically for it. The people who still don’t understand this is a deadly virus that is showing a tendency to mutate are pushing us to new diseases and more deaths. If we don’t get it stopped, it will just keep taking lives and filling up hospitals. So far the mutations of interest have originated in other countries but that is just by chance. Anyone infected here could also host a mutation.

It’s not a game. The fringe right was all upset about store and restaurant closures to keep covid in check yet they refuse to do their part to keep it all from happening again. It’s astoundingly ignorant and could push us right back into quarantine until new vaccines can be developed. How many cycles of this are necessary for people to understand we all have to do our part to get this virus gone?

Please report vaccination status of the hospitalized and dead. The vaccine hesitant need to see those numbers every single day.

Marci Mel

If there are vaccine-resistant strains headed our way, then it's high time the research community and those leading the effort to fight this disease start talking about effective treatments. Vaccines are obviously not enough. Research dollars need to go towards treatment as well.

Robert Fields

No, Marci, the vaccines do work against current strains. Period. End of story. People not being smart is what will let the new strains flourish here.

IF the new strains do evade current vaccines we have to start all over with new vaccines. Vaccines save lives. Why is that so hard for so many to understand?

Robert Fields

Sure, a cure would be great and there already are some treatments with amazing successes. That’s a big part of why the death rates are as “low” as they are in the face of delta. And you can bet lots of money is going into treatments.

Back here in reality, this is the hand we have now. Do your part if you haven’t and get your vaccine. And by the way, one of the miracles in use now saving lives had to be tested on cells derived from donated fetal tissue. More cures like that?

Angel Ortiz


Marci Mel

A cure or effective treatment doesn't hurt. People will still get Covid. The virus will still mutate. We can play catch up with every mutation with boosters every three months and people will still get sick, still end up on ventilators, still die. Medicine works. People are still developing Covid, and yes, landing in the hospital. We need an effective treatment that reduces or eliminates the need for extensive stays and/or ventilators.

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