Michelle Lujan Grisham

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham speaks Friday during a remote news conference on Facebook Live as she announces new public health orders to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Mexico will again shut down nonessential businesses "in order to blunt the unprecedented spike of COVID-19 illnesses and to attempt to relieve dramatically escalating strain on hospitals and health care providers across the state," Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham's office announced Friday.

The amended public health order will take effect Monday and last at least two weeks.

The state imposed similar restrictions during the early days of the pandemic.

Under the order, residents are supposed to stay home "except for only those trips that are essential to health, safety and welfare — such as for food and water, emergency medical care, to obtain a flu shot or to obtain a test for COVID-19," according to a news release from the Governor's Office.

Essential businesses such as grocery stores, pharmacies, shelters and child care facilities will remain open but only will be allowed to operate at 25 percent of their maximum occupancy or 75 customers at a time, whichever is smaller.

In-person dining will not be allowed during the shutdown, but restaurants will be able to offer curbside pickup and delivery services.

Nonessential businesses that refuse to shut down face a fine of up to $5,000 a day. 

“The rate of spread and the emergency within our state hospitals are clear indicators that we cannot sustain the current situation without significant interventions to modify individual behavior,” Lujan Grisham said in a statement.

“We had hoped targeted crackdowns, limited hours of operation and amplified messaging and enforcement would make the difference and slow the spread and relieve our hospitals. The public health data make clear, however, that more aggressive restrictions are not only warranted but essential if we are to prevent mass casualties."

New Mexico has set records for new cases of the novel coronavirus almost every day for the past several weeks, and a sharp rise in hospitalizations has overwhelmed the state's medical system.

Public health experts had predicted another wave of infections during the fall and winter, but few thought the virus' resurgence would be quite this dramatic.  

The state will use a tiered system that includes reopening benchmarks for each county. Once this system is implemented, counties with lower infections would have greater flexibility to "engage in more in-person and business activities with Department of Health approval," according to the Governor's Office.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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Steven Clarke


I think we need to implement what I would call the "LOBO PLAN" across the board in the state..... the only way to be successful in this state under this leadership is to LEAVE THE STATE.

We could, like the football team, relocate thousands and thousands of kids from the failing schools to decent well run schools in other states. Depending on the year, that is either every other state or all but one or two states. They would be safer from COVID AND get a better education. It's the LOBO Plan.

Businesses should relocate to other states that are safer and more business friendly where they can actually be open. Like the Basketball teams figured out, everything is better in Texas. MOVE out of state is the only solution under this governor.

National Labs should move as well. Many other states would provide deeper pools of possible employees, and more reasonable access to goods and services. It's the LOBO PLAN, since the governor makes success inside New Mexico impossible, move National Resources to anywhere else in the country where success is actually possible.

As the LOBOS have proven, when success in the state is impossible .... failing schools, failing resources, failing infrastructure, failing shutdown policies, etc. ... the only viable option is to leave the state.

Eric Sanchez

Most of the comments on this post are repulsive and filled with ignorance. Trump wasn't right for this country, Hillary wouldn't have done any better. All the people worshipping the golden calf in Biden will be not so pleasantly surprised when the tax hikes that are instituted to cover the bill for handing out bail out money for the masses come due. The good news is everything will be closed, so you won't have to worry about not having that money to go anywhere. Meanwhile everyone (not myself) will be rushing to inject themselves with unproven antidotes so they can feel safe again. I think Bidens agenda is just another version of the same stuff we've been smelling for the last 4 years. I sling food for a living. I pay my bills, and have always been clean, safe, and take out only. I won't take money from the government, and have no intention on stopping, since not paying child support and my bills is a violation of a legal court order. If you don't like my attitude or opinion, and you don't feel safe. Stay home. Anyone that has bills, knows thier business is a necessary business. While Walmart, and Home Depot, and large corporations that ARE deemed necessary thrive. Both the Blue and the Red have defeated on the constitution and American flag during these hard times. BOTH sides are responsible. And anyone that feels one's better than the other doesn't have the intelligence needed to respond to my comment. And BLM and Antifa can quote me on that.

Comment deleted.
Grace Perez

Gov. Lujan Grisham understands public health and cares about the health of New Mexicans. THAT's the type of person she is. You, Bob, simply sound like a childish and selfish person.

R.S. Martinez

Are the deleted comments deleted because of a different point of view? One that doesn't support the Governor's position? Maybe this will post if I somehow change the wording.

Eric Sanchez

Censorship along with masks is the new norm. Unless it aligns with the current narrative

Mary Jane

I hate to Monday morning quarterback, but I doubt this is what those who voted for Trump (or just voted against Hillary, could have been any Looney Tunes character on the ballot for all many of us cared) back in 2016 had in mind when they were seeking a president who didn't represent the same old regurgitated Washington establishment. A breath of fresh air (pun intended, I guess)?

I think next time this country has another maverick candiate, or whatever the heck Trump represented, voters need to be a little more specific when it comes to job requirements. And I mean all voters, regardless of party. Maybe consider things like, if there's a pandemic, is this someone we can wholeheartendly trust to make good decisions in the best interest of all citizens. Imagine if we had to ask ourselves at the polls back in 2016, who do you want in charge of this country if there's a pandemic. I doubt we ever expected, in our wildest dreams, that Donald Trump of all people would be overseeing this country during a major national health crisis that has left 240,000+ dead, countless more horribly ill, brought our economy to its knees, sent our kids home from school to learn from iPads, left millions jobless and on the verge of destitution, state politicians scrambling to save economies and lives at the same time (looks like they can't quite to both. Time to make a Sophie's Choice). And, here we are, more or less hiding in our houses, most likely until the spring.

MT Lee

Nobody on God’s flat earth is gonna tell me what to do because …..FREEDOM!

A lot of infections are a result of community outlook or prevailing sentiment. I’m from a NM county over in lapland, where Texas kinda laps over into NM. An ex-mayor once called into a county commissioners meeting and stated, “Masks being mandatory and required is not only an act of a voluntary servitude, it’s slave training,” He was also a supporter of the Birther movement. His local business has since had to report 4 instances of employee infections to the NM Environment covid rapid response.

A county commissioner once ranted, “he wasn’t going to wear a mask. If you’re fearful of it, I encourage you to wear your mask to protect yourself from me because I’m not going to protect you from myself.”

This county is 3rd in cases per 100,000 in New Mexico. Santa Fe is 17th. The moaning and bitching on this board changes no one’s opinion and serves no public good. Personally I feel good about the positive community outlook of northern New Mexico. If I have to go out I feel real good protecting myself and others by wearing a mask. I’m doing what I can because only we individually can stop this virus.

Amy Earle

I can only assume that a number of those commenting will be at one the Trump the vote was stolen rallies over the weekend. Critical thinking and common sense appear to be in short supply not to mention the same tired leftist this and leftist that nonsense that the Trumpers love to toss around constantly. If you want to look for someone to blame for this national virus nightmare look no further than Trump. He sabotaged public health at every turn and his incompetent “leadership” is why we are where we are now not the governor. Too many people have been indoctrinated to believe this is not a serious situation and have been doing whatever they want, the rest of the community be...you get the drift. Soon we will have competent leadership with people who are qualified for the jobs they hold. Herd immunity quack Scott Atlas will be gone too. A vaccine is coming. We just have to stay strong and make whatever sacrifice we must in the meantime. And for the guy who plans to hold a great big Thanksgiving dinner and who cares about the rest of his community and state shame on you. It’s selfish people who think like you do that are the reason our hospitals are over run and people continue to get sick and die.

Janet Lucks

Exactly a voice of reason Amy Earle!



Angel Ortiz

Huge thanks to everyone who said this virus is a hoax. Let's not forget our out of state visitors who didn't wear masks. The locals who didn't social distance. Not the Governor's fault. We failed as a community. Get the body bags and get the refrigerator trailers ready.

Robert Bartlett

Golly Angel. It sounds like you are hoping for bodies in the street.

Angel Ortiz

No Robert. Exactly the opposite. Read all the posts. For months no one accepted personal responsibility for what has happened in our community. The blame game is prominent and disgusting. I wish we could be a strong community through this crisis but I am losing my optimism.

Lee DiFiore

Grishy's checklist: Shutdown version III. Check. First two were ineffective. Check. Double down on failed policies. Check. Reinstitute power. Check. Wait until after election so no risk shutdown might influence votes. Check. Wait 10 days after election so that plausible deniability about decision being political can be dismissed. Check. Show no concern for business owners and employees impacted by shutdown. Check. Blame everyone but yourself for current spike in cases. Check. Call biden transition team and tell them what a good job you're doing in NM. Check.

Barry Rabkin

Or, open every business as quickly as possible before a vaccine is available and used to increase the number of deaths and overwhelm our healthcare system. That certainly seems to be the right action to take. (Very deep sarcasm)

Eric Sanchez

I'm sure you missed a few. But sounds likely. Fda approval for covid vaccine after transition of power so Biden can claim it as his victory, check

Diego Mondragon

First two were ineffective Dr. Difiore or whatever your name is??? Funny - NM had fewer than a hundred cases every other day back then. Stick your politics up your ********* and get the **** out of here moron. You're a SF New Mexican online Dr. Of Science. We thank you for your knowledge on all these posts.

Melissa Savage

Thank you Governor Lujan Grisham. Thank you for following the vast consensus from virologists and infectious disease experts about the measures needed to lower virus case rates. If only everyone in the state agreed with those physicians, and with you.

Comment deleted.
Mike Johnson


Mike Johnson

Well, to look on the bright side, at least we can still buy food, with difficulty, but still...... She could have closed down everything, she has the power to do that and no one to provide any checks and balances on that power in the state government. Given her massive political ambitions, that could have happened, as she continues to try and amass political points to get a seat in the Biden cabinet. No sacrifice by us is too great for her to further her political career. So count yourselves lucky.

Comment deleted.
Lupe Molina

Not an actual quote. https://www.monticello.org/site/research-and-collections/when-injustice-becomes-law-resistance-becomes-duty-spurious-quotation

Peter Wyman

Four months ago, prior to COVID hitting New Mexico, Leftist rags like this one, along with their sycophants, were extolling how well MLG was doing in handling the virus. Now that the virus has made its way here in larger numbers, judging by that same parameter, she and her policies must be deemed dismal failures. The Numbers Don't Lie!

Diego Mondragon

Four months ago?? Just an FYI - it's been a little bit longer than that brother. :)

Jim Klukkert

If you are responding to a comment you think might be deleted as ABUSE, please do begin your response with the original poster's name. That way, we can begin to get some sense of whose comments are being deleted as abusive.

Lynn Roby

Gov. Lujan Grisham is acting in the best interest all New Mexicans. Our lame duck President has done absolutely nothing to protect us during the pandemic. He has chosen not to do anything, not even to comment on it since Aug.4. Gov. Lujan Grisham and the other governors have had no help from him. Hooray Gov. Grisham for protecting us!

Robert Bartlett

Pay attention Lynn.

Speaking for the first time since Election Day, President Donald Trump touted progress on a Wuhan coronavirus vaccine and gave on update on Operation Warp Speed from the White House Rose Garden.

"In the past nine months my administration has initiated the single greatest mobilization in U.S. history, pioneering therapies and vaccines in record time. Numbers like nobody's seen before. No medical breakthrough of this scope and magnitude has ever been achieved this rapidly and this quickly," Trump said. "Operation Warp Speed is unequaled and unrivaled anywhere in the world."

Ezekiel America

Well said Robert Bartlett.

Jim Klukkert

I believe that Ezekiel America has lost his privileges on the SFNM web page; it does not seem possible to see his previous comments.

No great loss, in fact good riddance; phony name, phony posts.

Paul Davis

"the greatest mobilation in US history" .... that requires German biotech companies to developer the vaccine (hint: Pfizer didn't do it, Biontech did). And really ... are you serious? Comparing whatever it is that the administration has done with ... well, even just WWII? This is just complete nonsense. You know it, Trump knows it, everyody knows it.

Jeff clark

Pfizer was not part of operation warp speed. Totally private enterprise. Trump taking credit for this is a total lie

Mark Stahl

Why do we need a vaccine for something that’s just going to go away by Easter, by summer, by labor day????

Ezekiel America

Lynn you should be more worried about #TrumpDerrangementSyndrome

Grace Perez

I agree with you, Lynn. Trump gave up on fighting the pandemic before he even started. And now he's attempting to take credit for the Pfizer vaccine, which was developed without his administration's involvement. Trump is a liar and a cheat. Gov. Lujan Grisham is doing the best she can considering there is no meaningful leadership from the president.

Mike Johnson

She can't close the casinos, she doesn't have the authority. Will they be bullied into closing?

Donato Velasco

the schools were the problem..

Donato Velasco

its taken her two weeks to react .. that is to slow and people did no need to die ..

Bruce Billbob

Why so many deleted posts. We want to see what the peeps with no brains have to say.

Marie Cash

I guess comments are being deleted and it makes it appear as though I agreed with a negative comment. Whoever is monitoring these comments needs to make sure that doesn't happen...

Donato Velasco

and schools will remain open, the super spreaders,

Robert Bartlett

This action will make things worse. Especially in those homes and neighborhoods where the infection rate is high. Further, it is impossible to enforce.

John Cook

If it is unenforceable, how will it make things worse? Are you worried that lots of people will obey a lawful order from the Governor? Do you ever think about the twits who wouldn't do a simple thing like wear a mask to keep us from this point? No, I suspect you don't.

Robert Bartlett

Lawful order?

Jim Klukkert

Yes Robert, Lawful. This topic has been discussed on these pages many times, always with a substantiated and attributed logical opinion: the Governor has a long standing and well recognized Lawful Authority to issue Public Health Orders to protect the citizenry.

Where have you been, Robert?

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.
Marie Cash

I agree...with so much venom pointed at the Governor without consideration for the reasons the numbers have gone up. Where do these people think the upward climb in Coronavirus cases came from?? Do they really believe hanging out at a bar or casino doesn't increase the chances of either catching it or passing it on...Unbelievable how many individuals have become brain dead to the realities. The governor didn't cause the virus and she's done her job in trying to prevent the spread.

Comment deleted.
Elizabeth Pettus

I suspect the the notice is helpful to a wide variety of people who need to an things.

Archer Hill

Finally. This should of been implemented weeks ago!

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