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Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin speaks Jan. 31 at the state Capitol. The Republican has again used fiery rhetoric, saying certain Democratic governors should be executed for treason.

Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin has again stirred an outcry over his fiery political rhetoric — this time for saying certain Democratic governors should be executed for treason.

Griffin, who founded the group Cowboys for Trump, also told the Daily Beast on Tuesday that anti-lockdown protesters might be justified in using violence.

During the interview, published Wednesday, Griffin said top Democrats, such as Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, are traitors who deserve the death penalty. Both governors have imposed restrictions to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

“You get to pick your poison: You either go before a firing squad, or you get the end of the rope,” Griffin told the Daily Beast.

He was asked if people protesting pandemic-related shutdowns are increasingly considering violence.

“I’ll tell you what, partner, as far as I’m concerned, there’s not an option that’s not on the table,” Griffin replied.

Griffin again insisted he was speaking politically, not literally, when he said last week at a church in Truth or Consequences that “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”

He repeated the comment in Tuesday’s interview just before calling for Democratic leaders to be executed, the Daily Beast said.

“Violent speech like this has no place in New Mexico politics,” Democratic Party of New Mexico Chairwoman Marg Elliston said in a statement Wednesday.“The silence from New Mexico Republican officials is deafening and implies their tacit approval of Commissioner Griffin’s behavior.”

Every Republican candidate and elected leader should condemn Griffin’s actions “unequivocally, and Griffin should resign his post,” Elliston said.

Mike Curtis, a spokesman for the state Republican Party, said the GOP had nothing to add to its response to Griffin’s earlier “dead Democrat” comment, in which it condemned the language.

“Republican Party of New Mexico wants to state for the record that any statements, whether in jest or serious about harming another individual are just plain wrong,” the party said in its statement last week.

State Democratic Party spokeswoman Miranda Van Dijk called GOP’s statement a weak response.

“They’re not calling him out at all,” she said.

Griffin has a record of making inflammatory remarks that call for violence against Democrats, Van Dijk said.

In a video posted on Twitter earlier this month, Griffin complained of being barred entry to a Walmart because he had no face mask.

“It might be a lead up to a civil war,” Griffin said in the video. “And if we do have a civil war over this, maybe that’s gonna be the uniforms. Maybe one of the uniforms will have masks on and the other ones won’t.”

Years before being elected Otero County commissioner, Griffin was a traveling street preacher who rode a horse to draw a crowd. He still attends some events on horseback.

And the fiery oratory style he once plied as a preacher he now uses for political rhetoric. Critics say he takes violent imagery too far in his speech.

In an interview last week with New Mexican columnist Milan Simonich, Griffin defended himself, saying, “I’m the target of lies and slander, horrible slander. There’s no uproar from the left over that.”

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Joe Danna

More evidence that too many Trump supporters lack a firm grasp of reality.

Irene Edwards

.Dangerous to let this be stated and published. This is all that one in the white house's doing. Vote him out in November.

Nancy Murata

So disheartening to read this stream of ugly and hateful comments full of invective and non-facts!

Tom Ribe

Couy Griffin is the far right in a cowboy hat. He is really hurting the republican party. Huge damage they will feel in November. These boys need to calm down and remember the lessons their mothers taught them.

Charles Andreoli

ANTIFA and their fellow rioting looters is the far left in a a black hoodie and a face mask. They are really hurting the democrat party. Huge damage they will feel in November. These boys and girls need to calm down and remember the lessons their mothers taught them. See how that works Tommy. At least Griffin didn't hide behind a hoodie and a face mask he looked ya in the eye when he spoke.

Tim Keller

Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin

Griffin has tweaked a hateful racial call to violence historically used against Africans, African-Americans and Indigenous people to call for violence against people of a political party. That he takes pride in dt retweeting his hateful comments further clarifies his viewpoints.

He is unfit for office... an office which represents all the people of Otero County, all of whom do not share his views. 

Our country is suffering from an abundance of divisive leadership. It is time to call a spade a spade. Commissioner Couy Griffin, is a hater.

I am a Democrat and I am deeply offended that you would call for violence and death. You use an ugly racist slur, reworded, to call for violence against people of a political party that you do not favor. Have you chosen your words because of their historical use or have you simply forgotten our nation’s history of violence against native and enslaved peoples? I think not.

Shame on you for inciting violence; we have laws, which unfortunately are proving inferior to the task of creating a society of equity and justice for all. You sir, have no business working in any kind of government capacity. You have chosen to use your position to amplify your hateful personal opinions. Shame on you!

Stefanie Beninato

Yeah and Couy had mention (not by name) of his craziness today in the NYT on the article about the GOP state representative in PA who tested positive from COVID19 but why should he wear a mask or inform his colleagues who were exposed to his germs and his stupid arrogance? The GOP is now blatantly the party of death.

Keith Hull

Say, Chucky, you’re a typical right-wing whiner who when one of your fellow nut bags calls for violence you give the old, “ plenty of blame to go around BS!” Democrat’s don’t call for violence against anyone dummy! But I’ll tell you one thing genius, if that Batshit crazy Griffin wants a war, him and his Boogaloo pals? It won’t last very long. And I guarantee you that Griffin and his fellow rabble will end up being the ones on the end of the rope! The fact that the NM GOP didn’t forcefully condemn this crazy fool says to me that they agree with him! And while you’re at it Chucky, unlike the Boogaloo crazies, Democrats don’t plan the ambush and killing of our police officers! You’re hypocrisy is deafening!

Bill Becher

I have reported Couy Griffin's domestic terrorism threats to the FBI. This is not a joke.

Keith Hull

Good for you but don’t count on Barr’s Justice department doing anything about it! They’re on Griffins side! The only way to ensure the return of justice to the Justice Department is to rid our great nation of Trump and his vermin come November! And believe me when I say it will happen! Those millions of democrats who stayed home in 2016, never dreaming a mobbed up reality tv buffoon could possibly be elected president will be out in droves. The Republican Party is going down with Trump. With any luck, Trump will be in jail come this time next year!!

Khal Spencer

52 posts when this one goes up. Is that a record yet?

Craig Meyer

This guy is an attention junkie. It would be better if you just didn't indulge him with this kind of coverage. Talk about playing into somebody's hands.

John Crenshaw

Republicans can get ever so bigly offended, just not at one of their own. If a Democrat had spouted off about firing squads for red-state governors, Steve Pearce and friends would be demanding his head.

Keith Hull

You notice that Griffin and his mob never mentioned any Republican governors, many of whom instituted the same or harsher lockdowns than Democratic governors? Speaks volumes about thes crazies does it not?

Mr. John Martinez

Wow, what a tough guy! Bahaha! He even says "partner" and probably "y'all". Plenty of tough people on the left and the right. Don't light that fire.

Comment deleted.
Keith Hull

Careful what you wish for Chuckie! You clowns want a civil war? Are you delusional! Go ahead and bring it! It will be a short one and you won’t like the results!!

Joe Blow

I feel sorry for his wife and kids. Their daddy is an angry nut.

Jeff Clark

Trump tweeted video of this man saying that. Our president is supporting this.

Carolyn DM

Of course he's supporting it! He loves his low-life, classless, ignorant supporters. He's said that many times himself. It's what keeps him going, especially when they say exactly what he's thinking in his empty mind.

Bob House

Here's how stochastic terrorism works.

It relies on prejudice, fear, and ignorance to get someone to do your dirty work for you.

Joe Blow

Thank you for the link,Bob. Intelligent and interesting. I encourage you to write an op-Ed. The problem is that rational thought can’t reach emotionally violent people like the Otero fascist.

Ed Li

Typical GOP rhetoric. Notice how the NM GOP had no statement about this latest, even more alarming death threat coming out of their own camp. Anyone still voting for any Republican at this point is complicit with this garbage, fascistic and honestly, not a true American. This country’s future severely hangs in the balance so vote BLUE this November like your life depended on it.

Bill Cass

While his conduct his despicable, it isn't limited to the GOP. Democrats called for violence against Trump supporters after his election.

Stefanie Beninato

Another attempt at false equivalency. What are your sources for these Democratic threats against Trump's life. Usually the FBI investigates so type of threats.

Bill Becher

When? Proof?

John Onstad

How about comedian Kathy Griffin posing with severed, bloody head of Donald Trump on national TV. Proof enough for you?

John Tallent

I would hope the NM GOP would not endorse such and ignorant imbecile as the guy.

This man needs to be in looney bin.

Cleve Spence

What's sad the people of Otero Country elected this racist BS as their CC!

Joseph Tafoya

Where is this same outrage when Trump supporters are vilified by the news media, democrat political leaders, and the Hollywood elite? Not all Trump supporters believe nor endorse violence of any sort. If what Mr. Griffen has said was to be weighed against the vile comments made by the left, there would be no contest. The left practically invented personal attacks if you don't fall in line with their ideology. That's the way the left operates they do the deed. Then you blame you for the same act they committed. Right out of the Saul Alinsky book “ Rules for Radicals”.

Khal Spencer

Really, Joseph? Find some quotes from the left saying we should kill Conservatives because they are traitors. I'm waiting.

Charles Andreoli

Hard to find because they blurt it out then take it down. Wasn't long ago that the Bernie camp was calling for re-education camps for Republicans and death for some.

I'm very disappointed in you Khal you are usually the voice of reason here, but you missed it on this one.

Khal Spencer

I'm aware of Kyle Jurek's "gulag" advocacy. I missed the firing squad stuff but if someone sends me a link on elected Democrats advocating that we kill people I will freely acknowledge that we Democrats have our crazies, too.

Part of my frustration, Charles, is that I really, honestly do want a viable GOP in New Mexico and stuff like this just means the GOP is still searching for yet a bigger shovel with which to keep digging. The joke about Democrats is that famous Will Rogers line. Quotes like this one out of Otero County remind me of former Gov. Bobby Jindal's RNC speech where he said "We had a number of Republicans damage the brand this year with offensive and bizarre comments," and he reminded the GOP not to appear as the "stupid party".

I've known too many solid, wonderful Republicans. Folks like Jack Kemp, who I exchanged letters with. He must be spinning in his grave.

Bill Becher

"death for some" where?? On Fox News?

Khal Spencer

Perhaps I did, Charles. Then again, one of the best things I think the NFL did was move the goalposts to the rear of the end zone rather than the front. Field Goals were getting too cheap.

All the best,


Khal Spencer

On the other hand, if the NFL had not moved the goalposts, it would have been Bills 22-Giants 20. Sigh.

Wide right to you,


David Ford

What flavor is that Kool-Aid Mr. Tafoya. There is no need for the press to vilify the retrumplicans because they do it to themselves and they merely broadcast the tape, including the orange clown. 18,000 lies, verified and on tape and yet the right doesn't care because of their true agenda - stacking the courts with extremists with no interest in basic justice for ALL and the christian nationalist movement to create a theocracy. Ed Li has it right and our nation is in serious danger from the right. When Fascism comes it will be wrapped in the flag (or the orange clown dry humping it) and carrying a bible.....

Comment deleted.
David Ford

Mr Andreoli,

I realize facts are your enemy, but if you are going to spew forth here in this forum then show a modicum of respect, if that is possible. My name is David sir so please do not minimize my information and opinion by patronizing me or being condescending. It says a lot more about you than it does about me

Carolyn DM

Don't bother. They can't grasp facts. That's why Mr. Trump loves them so much and keeps feeding them constant lies.

Comment deleted.
David Ford

Charles. Yes it is called MY OPINION and is supported by his own actions and basic stupidity every day. Your lame little one liners with zero substance are your calling card and sadly about all you have. I will not resort to butchering your name that is to Trumpian and idiotic, you know like your hero the president.....

Emma Spring

ABSOLUTELY. The left just tweaks the narrative to force shame on the right. They steal terms from the right, as they aren't clever enough to create their own.

Carolyn DM

LMAO!! So where in all the videos is, "the left just tweaking the narrative to force shame on the right"? Can you post links or proof? Nobody needs to, "force shame on the right". They do a great job of that all by themselves, especially when their game show host starts speaking and toilet tweeting. "...steal terms from the right"!! LMAO!!

Bill Becher

What? Why would the left steal idiotic statements from the President and his idiot followers? Where? On Fox News?

Carolyn DM

And your links to that complete BS?

Bill Becher

I don't think you see the same kind of domestic terrorist rhetoric from Democrats. What's the last time you saw Democrats attend a legislative meeting armed with assault rifles? What's the last time liberals suggested a civil war and killing elected officials?

John Wilson

I don't know the man. I could be wrong but he shows all the signs of being a terrorist in the making. How soon before he blows up a federal building? Who can say?

Khal Spencer

Nope. This guy is a loudmouth sh** disturber. The ones you worry about the the quiet ones who work under the radar. Like the Weather Underground or Timmy McVeigh.

Comment deleted.
Bill Becher


Emma Spring

An interesting comment, especially because both Nancy Pelosi and Gov Michelle here in NM are both being sued for demonstrating excessive use of authority and curbing our constitutional rights. They're both drunk on false power. Jail time for all.

Carolyn DM

So, exactly what "constitutional rights", of yours have Pelosi and MLG, "curbed"? Can you back up your BS statement with some facts, perhaps?

Bill Becher

The constitutional right to endanger the public with reckless behavior I guess. I don't remember seeing that in the Constitution.

Bill Becher

They are being sued for coping with a public health emergency. There actions are intelligent and legal. Go cough on a Republican. And suggesting jail for elected officials is what they do in banana republics not in this country.

Al Chavez

This man clearly demonstrates the extreme depravity of Trump's supporters.

Charles Andreoli

If I had to guess I'd say it is people like you that he was talking about.

Bill Cass

A very broad and inaccurate statement. Most Trump supporters I know want nothing of this moron.

Khal Spencer

The people of Otero Co. should recall this loose cannon.

Stefanie Beninato

Why are the county commissioners and the GOP not calling for the resignation of this incitement to violence jerk? If this is the type of leadership the GOP offer this state, they may as well go home with their tails between their legs.

Kathy Krickhahn

It seems they are too busy worrying about the Governor's choice in jewelry instead.

Judith Senda

No, Kathy, they’re too busy alerting the public to the governor’s one rule for herself and one for the rest of us riff-raff. And besides the jewelry hypocrisy, where’s she been getting her hair done every week?

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