The president of the Albuquerque Tea Party filed a federal lawsuit this week against Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, accusing her of violating his constitutional rights by issuing emergency orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Leland Taylor said in his complaint, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court, that the illness caused by the new strain of coronavirus is not serious enough for emergency orders, enforcement of restrictions on socializing is impossible, and the orders deny him the right to free assembly and worship.

Taylor also claimed in his suit that an antimalarial drug has a “100% cure rate” for COVID-19.

President Donald Trump falsely claimed on Twitter recently that the Food and Drug Administration had approved an untested combination of an antimalarial and an antibiotic as a cure for the illness. Trump’s own experts said the president’s claim oversimplified and misrepresented scientific studies.

Three tests have been conducted to analyze the effects of antimalarial drugs on COVID-19, but they have limited value. Sample sizes used in a study in France were too small; a test in China had unverified results; and other testing was conducted on cultures in laboratories, not on people.

The World Health Organization announced last week it would conduct trials of four possible treatments — including antimalarial medication — on thousands of people across the world.

Nora Meyers Sackett, a spokeswoman for the Governor’s Office, said the claims in Taylor’s suit were based on dangerous misinformation.

“If widely disseminated, [the misinformation] will do nothing but worsen this crisis in our state and lead to more illnesses and death,” Sackett said in an email.

Taylor is asking for $500,000 per day since March 13, when the governor’s first order was issued, and $1 million a day since another order issued Monday.

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Leland Taylor

Thank you all for expressing your views and I appreciate them even though they obviously differ from mine, but I will defend to my death (not from CV-19 of course) your right to express them and this is why I filed the suit. It has been amended from the original action with greater range of violations and has been followed by the NRA et. al. suit that is focused on just allowing you to defend your family and property which I am sure that all of you wish to do. It is irrelevant what the presumed plague is hitting this country, to wit, I have challenged the Secretary of Health and others to show one case that was caused by CV-19 alone and have not had a response. It is less dangerous than the flu and if you count the normal death rate/year, we are not even seeing any effect in this state. What you don't hear about is the increase in domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, suicides, homelessness and other factors that come about from this draconian, irresponsible, and deadly action our Governor has taken. The medicine will or has already killed the patient. It is quite evident that you do not know history but Hitler, Peron, Castro, and others used these same tactics to take control of their countries and ultimately destroyed them. See also:

Elizabeth Martinez

Thank you for being one righteouse man to stand up for unrighteouness. I do not consent and you have inspired me to take my power back. All it takes is one honest voice to make a difference. For all the Americans being good lil' sheep "sheltering in place" when a virus has never been proved to cause a disease, and can only be injected into you. let me know how that vaccine that's coming works out for you. You have been warned. You trusted your government over your neighbors trying to wake you up from the media's spell and lies. Plenty of nurses and doctor's have come out with the truth. You won't hear them in the mainstream news. 5 minutes of research and thinking critically for yourself anyone can ascertain this is a complete hoax. They have victims that are manaquins on the news and you buy it! Wake up.


Mr Taylor should be referred to a psychiatric ward, preferably next to Covid-19 patients. He is clearly unbalanced, like his Dear Leader.

Elizabeth Martinez

5 minutes of research can lead you to the facts of this covid 19 as nothing more than a complete hoax.

Khal Spencer

Ms. Taylor may be flat wrong on her assertions of a cure but she has every right to challenge the Governor's power although I have a feeling she will lose.

jeff jones

GOOD! I hope this does go to court, he has a valid argument. And sets precedent on how and when and how much the Gov can use her powers...I do believed she has abused them, and I am shocked how many people are applauding her. Many here despise Trump ( i am no fan of his either) But the liberals love to make historically incoherent statements comparing trump to hitler...BUT RIGHT NOW many in the left are cheering MLG as she: locks them in their homes, closes their business, stop public assembly/protest, threatening violence to all who refuse her orders....

THE CLOSEST I have ever seen to facsim. Terrifying and shameful

Angel Ortiz

Really? Take a look at the other states who are suffering. So many deaths in NYC bodies are piled in the back of refrigeration trailers. Detroit, New Orleans, LA next hot spots. You want this level of contamination and death here as well? Nice!

Elizabeth Martinez

It's all a lie. Wake up. Do your own research.

Nancy Murata

What planet do you live on!?

Angel Ortiz

Amazing how humans behave in a time of crisis. Mr. Taylor is an excellent example of being selfish and absolutely ignorant. He is following in the footsteps of POTUS and many others on this post with rants and complaints. I am supportive of our Governor and her actions. I would suggest that Mr. Taylor should pack up.and move to a neighboring state. Texas and Arizona seem to be a great fit and they have higher contamination numbers than NM.

Nancy Murata


Bahl Sanchin

Counter sue this piece of garbage for wasting the court's time during a crisis, and don't stop squeezing until he's homeless

David Fitelson

A bit mean, but unarguable.

Elizabeth Martinez

Do you even know what a virus is or how it works? Do you know how to think for yourself? Sheep alert.

Carolyn DM

I suspect a lot of the members of this so-called Tea Party are members of the laughable Cowboys for Trump, probably including Ms. Audrey Trujero, who is running for a representative seat somewhere SW of Albuquerque.

Ellen Herr

I don't care about him but I care about everyone else he might endanger.

Elizabeth Martinez

You sound like a sheep. This is a total hoax and take down of America you fool.

Ann Maes

Must add my comment oh how ridiculous and disruptive Mr Taylor is to our community. Someone has already died by taking Pres. Trumps advice on a remedy he said to use. This pandemic will worsen with the actions of Mr Taylor. We all need to stay at home to avoid Mr. Taylor’s toxic energy!

Bill Cass

Nobody died because they took President Trump's "advice." They died because they drank fish tank cleaner. Good grief.

Bruce Taylor

Trump did, indeed, publicly advocate for an untested and FDA unapproved drug, chloroquine.

Emily Koyama

But Ms Maes is spreading disinformation, regardless. The guy died from drinking fish tank cleaner, period.

Lorena Cavazos

It is indeed quite incredible that somebody would drink fish tank cleaner, but there are things that are undeniable: 1) People will do extreme things when feeling threatened, anxious, or out of fear. 2) The president did say that hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are being used with good results to threat Covid-19 ( ; ; among others), and 3) Fish tank cleaner does contain a chemical called chloroquine ( among multiple other sources). I do agree that chloroquine and chloroquine phosphate may be important to distinguish, but lets face it, very few percentage of the lay population pays attention to the chemical name of their medication, they do well by remembering the brand or generic and outstandingly better if they actually know both names. I strongly suggest you do some reading about anxiety and how people respond to it depending on the level of it. You may find that what I am saying is quite accurate regarding people doing extreme things out of fear, and if you do your research you will know that during severe anxiety there is a lot of fear and very poor rationalization.

Sadly I am not able to live in NM at this time, I live in TX - specifics don't matter, but the lack of decision on the part of TX governor clearly shows ( ) as of right now 3/27/2020 2:45pm my time the number of infected cases: NM has 136 cases TX has 1396. Testing has been very limited here in TX and the population density is much greater in places like Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso compared to NM. The aforementioned bigger cities listed in TX did not begin mandated lock-down until this week, so the numbers are certainly going to increase in the next few days/weeks. Texas is a money driven state, where the Lt. Governor values the economy more than his own life and that of anybody >70 years of age ( again among multiple other sources), there is A LOT of land and you don't pay state taxes. So if you, Peter Neal or anybody else blind enough to not see the size of the problem we are currently living as a nation, or simply do not care about your life and that of the ones close to you (I am sorry but it is doubtful that you believe there is true love there if you do not value their life), please come to Texas or move to any other state that values money more than your life.

P. S. I will not see you, I am sheltering in place unless I have to work in the hospital and/or clinic without protective equipment. This post is long enough so somebody else can comment on that topic.

David Gunter

It is clear that this man is deluded and has no knowledge of anything factual. Yes, it will be summarily tossed out. Why is he given space in the news?

Tom Ribe

The far right (Trump's flock) shares Donald's hatred of government, even when government is trying to save their lives. If Mr. Teabag Taylor gets the virus (likely) he will sing a different tune. In the meantime he is wasting the court's time, and, I hope his own money. Joe Biden is saying many good things right now and people might tune in to him,

Jamie Jones

Thank your Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and how dare you Mr Taylor!!! I feel like we have a pretty low number of Covid 19 cases this far considering!!! Some People are running around with no care about spreading this devil of a virus! I believe what she did is what every state should do and I am disappointed in them for not doing so. People are dying by the thousands and I am a 43 yo chemotherapy patient so I dont have a lot of hope if I catch this!! I am on self quarantine but I do have a few at home that have to work. I think you will all rethink your opinion of her actions when it's one of your loved ones that does! Then it might hit home! I'm going to say it dare you!

Carolyn DM

Yes, thank goodness for the local leaders, because we certainly can't depend on the ignorant buffoon spewing his lies from his bully pulpit.

Maximum Tupler

NM: Last in the nation for a reason...the people we elect! And the citizens who elect and support them!

Miranda Viscoli

Mr. Taylor, this will be thrown out in our courts sooner than you can blink. You are also spreading dangerous mistruths that could have a catastrophic effect on people’s health and well-being. Our Governor’s leadership, intelligence and courage (unlike Trump) is what is needed in both our state and country. So please take your nonsense elsewhere. It is not wanted here in New Mexico. People are dying and the last thing we need is for idiots to be standing on on their soap boxes and spreading misinformation.

Rikki West

Thank you Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham for doing the right thing!

This case will be thrown out in court. Stupid is as stupid does.

Loyal Customer

Hey Mr Taylor ! You should also sue the Governor for blabbing hot air while not wearing a mask. Hypocrisy !

Mike Mellon

I guess you might ask Mr Taylor to sue Trump for blabbing hot air while not wearing a mask...double hypocrisy!

Linda Dunning

Only those infected should he wearing protective masks.... that ate in short supply. Have t you been following ALL the precautions or only those you agree with??

Mike Johnson

Some people will not tolerate the removal of our 1st Amendment rights of peaceable assembly. SCOTUS will most likely agree.

Mike Mellon

Obviously Dr. Johnson you are not a Dr. in a medical or scientific field or you wouldn't have that opinion. We need to listen to what science/medical experts are saying. Try listening to Gov. Cuomo of NY briefing to gain some insight.

Mike Johnson

You mean the lawyer woman Mich is listening to for health advice? Right, politicians advising politicians, she has no doctors in her cabinet, and it shows.

Carolyn DM

Yeah, I heard his doctoral degree was given to him by some college. It's certainly not the kind you earn with hard work, but he just keeps blabbing on in his adoration for Mr. Trumpf.

Mike Johnson

Right Ms. DM, you wish, guess I need to post a picture of my Ph.D. document.

Tom Ribe

Dr. Johnson is the voice of the far-right in Santa Fe. He loves Donal Trump.

Mike Johnson

No Tom, I hate Trump almost as much as the socialist Mich. I di not vote for Trump either, and will not this election. But I know totalitarian politicians when I see them, and Mich is no better than Trump at that.

Joseph Simpson

People, wake up. You are like sheep. The more we have of people lining up to be checked for coronavirus is not good. Some people have an agenda to destroy our constitution. When people take an oath of office or are inducted into the military, they take an oath to protect and defend our constitution from foreign and domestic invaders. So people, please think. It's our constitution that keeps our country going. Look how some of our rights are being taken away. Do we want to be like the American and Canadian Indians, the Jews? Please think. Protect our constitution. Also check CDC ststistics on the flu and you will see some one has an agenda. Think. Think. Think. We are innovators, lets fight this togheter, and not fight each other because of politicians. This will pass and the truth will come out. Good luck everybody.

Linda Dunning

There are states who are not following sane precautions. I invite all you naysayers to move to Florida

Jim Plewa

Don't be dumb as as trump.

Carolyn DM

Only his supporters can be as dumb as him. He even said he loves the uneducated and if he ever ran for office he'd run as a Republican because the supporters are so incredibly stupid, and they've proven him right, time and time again.

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