Anyone who tests positive, and unvaccinated students and staff potentially exposed to the virus, will need to remain isolated for five days, down from a previous requirement of 10 days.

Students will be remote from Jan. 18-21; the superintendent said they are scheduled to return to campuses Jan. 24 "if conditions improve."

As the omicron variant of COVID-19 continues to spread through the state, athletic programs across the state are trying to balance safety and playing. How they do it, though, varies from school to school. 

Omicron, which has become the dominant variant in some parts of the United States, is still exponentially outnumbered here by the delta variant. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week issued revised guidelines saying those who catch the virus can return to work in five days instead of 10 if they have no symptoms and wear a mask for an additional five days.

The worldwide surge in coronavirus cases driven by the new omicron variant is the latest blow to hospitals, police departments, supermarkets and other critical operations struggling to maintain a full contingent of front-line workers as the pandemic enters its third year.

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