The College of Santa Fe was a bustling campus for more than six decades. Today, the 66 acres is mostly devoid of people, with Sean Gabriel’s crew from Proscape Landscape Management conspicuously standing out.

“We’re at the midtown campus every day, cleaning up the vegetation,” Gabriel said. “It’s been vacant and neglected for quite a while and it’s obviously overgrown. We’re focusing on different buildings and priority areas for the city. Right now we’re removing low-lying limbs from trees. We have not started the [weed] mowing not yet. That’s generally the easiest task, so it’s left until last.”

The parcel off St. Michael’s Drive has been mostly vacant since May 2018, when Laureate Education closed its 8-year-old Santa Fe University of Art & Design. The campus previously was the home to the College of Santa Fe from 1947 to 2009.

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