Railyard Fitness owner Douglass Lawder has been a Santa Fe personal trainer since 1993. After he shut down Railyard Fitness on Jan. 28, Lawder’s clients helped him reopen. “He’s been there for me all these years. It was the least I could do,” said David Heath, who contributed about $30,000.

Douglass Lawder has trained James Bond and Indiana Jones, but that wasn’t enough to keep his Railyard Fitness afloat a few weeks ago.

Lawder shut down Railyard Fitness on Jan. 28, but pretty much the next day, two real-life superheroes stepped forward with checkbooks, and Lawder reopened Feb. 3.

“We were going 365 days for 13 years,” Lawder said.


Railyard Fitness owner Douglass Lawder, right, and benefactor David Heath at Railyard Fitness on Monday, Feb. 20, 2023.