The push to legalize recreational marijuana in New Mexico found a bud in Mayor Alan Webber on Wednesday.

Webber introduced a resolution urging the state Legislature “to support and enact legislation related to the legalization, decriminalization and/or regulation of cannabis and cannabis-related products for recreational use.”

As soon as he introduced the resolution, three city councilors — Mike Harris, Peter Ives and JoAnne Vigil Coppler — asked to sign on as co-sponsors.

“I’m kind of high on your resolution … so I would like to be a co-sponsor on that as well,” Vigil Coppler said, generating laughter.

In an interview, Webber said there are numerous reasons for New Mexico to join the other states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

“It is broadly supported, it is a new source of revenue and by making it legal, we will stop wasting our law enforcement resources on something that is really a victimless crime,” he said, adding that the state should still be concerned about youth using marijuana, as well as people who “overindulge.”

“I think it’s an intelligent step, and the state, I think, would be well served to get in line for legalizing and regulating cannabis,” the mayor added.