Three of the seven people facing felony charges tied to the Oct. 12 destruction of the Plaza obelisk pleaded not guilty Thursday in the state's First Judicial District Court. 

Indigenous midwife Melissa Rose and one of her five daughters, Lauren Straily, both were arraigned on charges of criminal damage to property over $1,000, conspiracy to commit criminal damage to property and unauthorized graffiti. If convicted, they could face up to 54 months in prison and $15,000 in fines. 

Ryan Witt, originally from Maryland, was arraigned on counts of criminal damage to property and conspiracy to commit criminal damage.

An arraignment for Stephen Fox, a local gallery owner, was rescheduled for April 15. 

Three defendants accused of playing a role in toppling the monument during an Indigenous Peoples Day Rally — Dawn Furlough, Lily Schweitzer and Dillon Wrobel — waived their District Court arraignment hearings, according to court records. 

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Khal Spencer

We don't need the hyperbole and breathlessness from anyone. They were charged with a crime, and will have to answer to it.

Anita McGinnis

We don't need an insulting communist distortion of reality. We can clearly see the on-going chaos, fires, violence and destruction that the far-left brings. That same self-righteous theme of "social justice" promoted in universities and churches in the name of "love" aka politics and money, has a following of sunglasses wearing sheep. As far as anything like that happening here in Santa Fe, this takeover process takes time. Communists are patient as well as deceptive. Let's see if those plaza rascals get off easily. Time will pass and there will be another similar event. It's very late and it probably doesn't matter. The entire country, media, corporations and government have been infected and it's not by Covid.

Alan Kemp

Good grief.You are right, there is an infection, but it is an infection of wild paranoia and your comment is a great example.

Anita McGinnis

There is a fear which is the result of a denial of reality. We all want to believe that there's no problem. The USA is the strongest and the best. Everything is well. The Titanic was the safest ship ever. What could go wrong?

Maria Bautista

More storms to come Alan Webber is not accountable for his actions, vote him out if office.

rodney carswell

Ms. McG, how did you feel about the radical right wing, anti-democracy insurrection in DC on January 6? Did you cheer that one on? This obelisk incident is a tempest in a teapot compared to the volcano of sedition on display in DC that day.

Anita McGinnis

The insurrection is another face of the same beast.

zach miller

you talk about denial of reality, yet you blame communism on a person going to court for their due process... truly the most communist thing in the world... a right to a speedy trial?

Anita McGinnis

You can clearly read that I did not mention or blame communism on a person going to court.

Jim Klukkert

Beware the “insulting communist distortions.”

They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere!


Anita McGinnis

That's right Jim, you don't want the communists to be noticed or insulted.

Jim Klukkert

Baaa, baaaa! Why is it so bright in here?

Jim Klukkert

Well Anita [¿We are on a first name basis now comrade?] you know how sensitive to insult those pesky commies are, right?

Jim Klukkert

"It's very late and it probably doesn't matter. The entire country, media, corporations and government have been infected and it's not by Covid."

Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate!

Anita McGinnis

You get the last word.

Maria Bautista

Alan Webber and The Three Sisters Collective, were the first vandals and should be charged.

Richard Reinders

Here is an opportunity to see if Santa Fe is going to have law and order or we break down the civilized community like Portland, which is a lawless mob .

John Cook

'Law' and 'order' are two different and opposed things. Order is restrained by law. Without law, the strong, unrestrained by law, could impose perfect order. Of course, that order would be whatever serves the interests of the strong.

Russell Scanlon

It hardly seems like Santa Fe is descending into chaos since the obelisk was torn down. And Portland is not a “lawless mob”. Don’t believe everything you read.

Kim Griego-Kiel

Thank you Russell. I have many friends and family in the Portland area as I grew up there. Including some who live in the downtown area. It certainly has not or ever was taken over by a lawless mob. The news loves to exaggerate for the clicks and views. And Santa Fe is nothing close to the protests of the Portland kind.

Russell Scanlon

It is part of a non-stop campaign of hysteria and paranoia that now serves as the only party plank of the modern GOP.

Stefanie Beninato

I notice, Richard, you stopped your usual line about outsiders and how well Hispanics and Native Americans get along. Is that because we now know that Ms Rose is indigenous? As I have said, you cannot tell someone's ethnicity just by their looks.

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