The Santa Fe Police Department said it issued 1,550 citations — including 205 for speeding, 31 for careless driving, 10 for reckless driving and three for drag racing — during the second phase of its "Slow and Quiet" operation.

The most recent effort to crack down on street racing, speeding and loud mufflers began Aug. 14 and concluded Friday, according to a news release.

The department conducted the initial phase of the operation June 24-July 18.

While the operation took place citywide, the principal enforcement zone was the Paseo de Peralta loop around the downtown area.

Officers issued 477 citations during the initial phase of Slow and Quiet, including six for racing or reckless driving in the principal enforcement zone and 12 speeding citations, according to the news release.

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Lupe Molina

Here on the south side all PD did was set up conspicuously empty cruisers in broad daylight. As if most of this drag racing is happening at 2pm. The inequity in provision of public services here is totally infuriating and it's obvious that leadership in our PD only does enough for the Facebook photo op.

Patricia Greathouse

@retasaffo Why on earth do you live here?

reta saffo

The real question is "Why does ANYONE live here", no? Other than the Natives, the rest of us were likely drawn to the environmental beauty (initially), the fascinating history and past culture here, the fabulous weather, decent skiing, as well as the inexpensive real estate, and a few good dining establishments. Maybe that's why?-- I dunno. We all loved it at one time. One generally just accepted all its shortcomings/all the sloth-- as sort of a "trade-off "-- as opposed to living in an overly gentrified BIG city. Once acclimated here, though, you begin to see the full picture-- and soon realize the tradeoff wasn't nearly as fair as you'd anticipated. The blatant sloth, poor work ethic, crime, homelessness, drug/alcohol abuse, horrific healthcare, lousy hospital, and the nonstop bottom-feeding culture here is NOT actually worth it-- at all. The envy, the hate, the reverse racism, the negativity that permeates throughout the city/state are just too much (unless, of course, you're accustomed to low standards, which we are not). I'm pretty liberal/tolerant, but we're ready to move to a RED state where they get things DONE-- and don't tolerate sloth OR bottom-feeding. NM is living at maybe 10% of its full potential. We have a great governor in office now (MLG) but NM won't be getting any better anytime soon. Such a shame. Such a beautiful place!

Peter Romero

This is very polarizing, if you live down town something will get done. If you live anywhere else in Santa Fe nothing gets done. In a time where everybody is crying about equality. [sneaky]

Andrew Lucero

1500 citations still hasn't curbed the drag racing or loud mufflers in my neck of the woods.

Tammy Tapia

There are drugs everywhere. From one side of the US to the other. As for racing and loud mufflers, or other things that make NM, NM get over it!! We are the state where diversity is what we all thrive on. When someone comes to NM do you think they want to see people and places that they can see when they are in their won state? Really??? Just let people live how they want to, who are you or anyone else to judge how people like to drive, hang out, dress, or how loud the car they are driving is. Most of us grew up here and that is who we are. Don't like it??? There is a BIG world out there, go and check it out. Just my thoughts on this entire conversation.

reta saffo

Driving like that KILLS and maims people. Hint: That's why it's illegal.

Loud, trashy mufflers are overly invasive, it's called noise pollution. Invasive like cigarette smoke--and why smoking, too, has basically been outlawed in public areas. Get with it. NM will never be anything because very few here have any standards. We're trying to elevate you, but you don't want it. You all actually LIKE living this way-- as you have indicated. And yes, there's a great big world out there-- where many of us will be moving to... soon. But how will you support yourselves once we're gone???

Cheryl Odom

I wish the city would move beyond catering to the tourists and address the loud cars on the Southside. This has been the pattern since I moved here over forty years ago. In my neighborhood, Calle Atajo is a mess. I can't have a telephone conversation outside or sleep with a window open for all of the screeching mufflers. My son lives in Tierra Contenta. It's not much better there.

reta saffo

Better yet, why not just completely outlaw those loud mufflers altogether? It's so classless/tacky! What in the world do you suppose out of towners (who bring in revenue) think of SF when they see and hear all the riff-raff as they drive through and around this lovely city? NM will never become ANYTHING, as long as the poor work ethic, drugs, trashy behaviors, and lawlessness (among both citizens AND law enforcement) are allowed to prosper and grow unchecked.

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