Tom Joles

Tom Joles. Image via KOB's website. 

A gossip website reported that a local news anchor physically attacked a reporter and a photographer in the KOB-TV newsroom on Monday, but the station's general manager categorically refuted those claims.  

"There was no fistfight," said KOB-TV General Manager Mike Burgess. "Someone has been embellishing." 

That someone likely spoke to FTV Live, a self-stylized provider of “gossip and news from inside TV newsrooms around the country."

The website ran a story in which "insiders" with the station said anchor Tom Joles attacked his colleagues Stuart Dyson, a longtime reporter, and Joseph Lynch, a photographer, following a verbal fight. You can read their story here. 

Burgess said there was a personnel issue, and that he would be talking with Joles later today. The general manager also stressed no one physically fought with anyone. Burgess said it was unclear if Joles would be hosting the 5 p.m. Tuesday newscast.