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Bright sunflowers along our rural roads on the green side of the mountains near Edgewood where I live are monuments to the passing season.

Gila trout aren’t just spectacular to behold, they are a story that captivates the imagination of wild places and wild things.

I’m convinced it’s called Lost Lake because it’s the kind of place you stumble upon like finding a gold coin in the dirt — lost centuries ago by some wealthy traveler.

There has been a spike in interest in exploring caves in New Mexico and around the world, but with that greater popularity comes a surge in vandalism and concerns over damaging fragile ecosystems.

In 2019, Public Lands Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard launched the Open for Adventure campaign, marking the first time a commissioner had dedicated a program and staff to promote, develop and expand outdoor recreation opportunities on state trust lands.

As the popularity of America’s national parks continues to surge, Parks co-creators and Santa Fe-based multimedia journalists Mary Mathis and Cody Nelson urge visitors to educate themselves about and acknowledge the Indigenous tribes whose ties to these sacred spaces span millennia.

Two friends take a journey punctuated by stunning scenery, deep sand, wrong turns and a lost passport.

The allure of New Mexico's natural beauty sometimes conflicts with the reality of physical limitations. 

When deciding where (and when) to fish, call a fly shop and ask what they think is about to happen. Or check out how a commercial fly angler (a guide) goes about this very important aspect of the game.