Since a new law prohibiting abortion after cardiac activity is detected in an embryo took effect in Texas, abortion rights groups have been taking more phone calls and making more appointments for women hoping to cross state lines for help.

The Master gardeners

Fall garden preparation

Lots of books and blogs will tell you how to wind down your garden in the fall. There are discussions about mulching, stopping fertilizing and reducing watering as tem…

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From dusty towns to forests in the U.S. West, illegal marijuana growers are taking water in uncontrolled amounts when there often isn't enough to go around for even licensed users.

Kaylee Guerra practices sparring with her sister Keira as crews set up the Fairy Village for the 13th Annual Santa Fe Renaissance Faire at El Rancho de las Golondrinas…

The renewed criticism this week of planned temporary storage facilities in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico came as federal regulators just granted a license for the proposed operation in Texas.

The judge ruled the arguments claiming the vaccine is unreliable and the mandate infringes on personal liberty did not outweigh the state having to take measures to protect public health. 

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