In cities across Europe, officials are wrestling with a choice this Christmas. They could dim festive lighting to send a message of energy conservation. Or they could let the lights blaze in a message of defiance.

In 1985, graffiti on a wall outside the Harvard Housing Office in Cambridge, Mass., said “Hell is looking for an apartment in Cambridge. Heaven is finding one under re…

Germany’s socially liberal government is moving ahead with plans to ease the rules for obtaining citizenship in the European Union’s most populous country, a drive that is opposed by the conservative opposition. 

Roman "Tiger" Abeyta begins a new leadership role at Santa Fe Community Housing Trust that will revolve around a notorious issue throughout the city and the county — affordable housing. 

A crowd on the Plaza erupted with delight Friday evening as organizers turned on 30,000 LED lights strung in trees to kick off Santa Fe’s holiday season.

"If a fallen veteran is buried without family, they step in to be that family," said Post 12 Commander Carmela Quintana. 

Led by author and researcher David Marler, the National UFO Historical Records Center plan to establish the largest historical archive dedicated to the preservation and centralization of UFO information in the United States.

President Joe Biden and the Democrats have become increasingly emboldened in pushing for stronger gun controls, and they're doing so with no clear electoral consequences. The tough talk reflects steady progress that gun control advocates have made.

Netflix’s trailblazing DVD-by-mail rental service has been relegated as a relic in the age of video streaming, but there is still a steady audience of diehards who are happily paying to receive those discs in the iconic red-and-white envelopes. 

Lustig created the nonprofit Global Outreach Doctors, which provides critical medical care to those in need around the world.

Whatever the case, thousands of generations pass, and dogs as we know them became our first nonhuman companions.

An active community volunteer, Perea inspired the Santa Fe New Mexican to create a posthumous award in her honor as part the newspaper's annual 10 Who Made a Difference volunteer recognition program.

Each year, hundreds of people receive aid from the fund during the holiday season to help cover rent payments, medical bills, utility costs, car repairs, home improvements and other needs.

A photo on Page A-1 published Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2022, about new Republican leaders in the state House of Representatives was not of Rep. Gail Armstrong, R-Magdalena.…

To honor the people working quietly and tirelessly to bolster Santa Fe and surrounding towns, The New Mexican continues its decades-long tradition of recognizing some of the dedicated volunteers whose service is changing lives.

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