Private employers in New Mexico would be required to provide workers at least one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours they work under House Bill 20.

Santa Fe Community College is accepting submissions for its Spring Student Writing Awards, and the deadline is noon March 12. 

Last week's column created a flood of calls to fill 50 vacancies for age- and income-restricted one-bedroom apartments.

While it would stand to see an increase in tax revenues and job creation through the legalization of cannabis, the city also would have to contend with zoning changes and develop strategies for law enforcement to detect drivers impaired by marijuana.

The House of Representatives voted 62-5 to approve legislation that would add both preventive and responsive measures to deal with sexual and ethical misconduct on the part of public school employees.

Jerica Simmons of Santa Fe brought a lawn chair to the Plaza on Friday to relax in the sun and read.

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