In the aftermath of the recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, issued a call to concerned residents to come in and record their thoughts at The New Mexican's downtown office. Several Santa Feans, including a US senator answered the call.

Im for action

We extend through this week our invitation to record your thoughts with The New Mexican. We ask that you bring no props, you'll be given about 75 seconds to share your comments. Think about what you want to say. Write to to arrange a recording time. Most importantly, speak from the heart. 

There's just a level

In sharing these statements, participants have expressed a range of observations and hopes. They've chosen their own ways to express their opinions including composing fiction.

Too many murders

This project aims to give people a chance to clearly explain the thoughts and emotions they are feeling in the aftermath of the recent shootings in Texas and Ohio. Whatever your political leanings, there's a place to share with your community. Start by writing to and arranging a time to record.

We have something to do

Make the case for the changes you want to see. Or, make the case for maintaining the status quo. It's up to you. Videos will be posted on and in social media.

Don't let fear

Please consider recording your thoughts and sharing them with your community. Write to to arrange a time to record. Please take time to watch some of the videos. Think about what these people, your neighbors, are saying and consider what you might contribute to a conversation.

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