Halloween and haunted houses go together like costumed children and epic sugar highs. This year, perhaps you would like to spend Oct. 31 with an overnight stay at a house or hotel frequented by the dearly departed. In the United States, there’s no shortage of rumored haunted accommodations, …

More than 6 million tourists visited Bali last year, but recently reelected President Joko Widodo wants to change this dynamic by pushing ahead with “10 new Balis,” an ambitious plan to boost tourism and diversify Southeast Asia’s largest economy.

On a camping trip to Governors Island, even a ferocious storm can’t spoil the spectacular sights of New York City.

At hotel gift shops, local artisans’ wares replace kitschy keychains and T-shirts.

The Trump administration on Tuesday ended the most popular forms of U.S. travel to Cuba, banning cruise ships and a heavily used category of educational travel.

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