friend photo

Generation Next writer Josué Solís with close friend Fernanda.

Whether you call them your BFF, close confidant, an acquaintance or your bestie — everyone has that one person they trust with their lives. A best friend is quintessential in survival of the harder times of life.

Having someone to share in the joyous times as well as the trying times — who isn’t necessarily family, although they can be and eventually feel like family — is such a reassuring feeling. In addition to having someone to ask about relationships and what to wear for an event, you have someone you can confide in. There is more than meets the eye with a best friend, much more.

Personally, I’ve relied on the same three friends for all of middle school and high school up to now. Ana, Fernanda and Leslie are by far my favorite people, and I’m so thankful we all met. This week, it’s Fernanda’s birthday, which is part of what inspired me to write this piece (happy birthday, Fernanda!). We’ve been there for the awkward parts of growing up, through hormonal mood swings. We’re pros at sitting in the same room quietly and just enjoying each other’s presence. But we’ve also been through chaos together many times and still are grateful just to have one another.

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