From Monte del Sol Charter School

Dayni Staddon, teacher

“Our philosophy has been that our relationships are our strength. That the better our relationships with each other, the safer and healthier we will all be. That being said, school shooters are often not students from the school they attack. … Personally, I believe changing our gun laws is the first thing we need to do to make our schools and our cities safer. … Mass shootings are a societal problem, not just a school problem, schools cannot solve the [overall] problem of gun violence.”

Gabriella Armijo, junior

“The teachers at Monte actually care about us as people. Having teachers be more active in students’ lives and to have them help students through things. Even if that may not always be easy.”

Evangelique Ruybal, junior

“More gun regulations put into place by our higher-ups would make me feel safer at school. It shouldn’t be as accessible to reach a gun without a license. We need more laws that prevent mass shootings from occurring in the first place.”

Elisia Gallegos, junior

“Not only should kids feel safe physically but also emotionally at school. And as of right now, I don’t think public education [is addressing this] either. All this happening is terrifying, and it’s not just the kids who need to have the comfort of protection, but their parents too. I’ve seen a few parents talking about how scared they are to send their kids to school and taking them out to do online schooling. … I feel like schools need to implement more security and more mental health help access.

Elizabeth Tidrick, teacher

“I think one of the most important things we can do is to establish safe, anonymous ways for students to be able to report concerns about anything they might be concerned about in terms of other students’ behaviors and words. It seems to me that many of the students/kids who are involved in school shootings showed dangerous signs that other students saw without realizing how important it is to tell a teacher or some other adult.”

Malak Rashid is a rising junior at Monte del Sol Charter School. Contact her at

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