Have you ever felt a hand touching your shoulder, and turned around to realize no one was there? If you answered yes, you have probably been in the presence of a ghost, and you are part of a large group of Santa Feans who have experienced paranormal activity. New Mexican folklore tells the background of the busiest ghosts haunting the city of Santa Fe.

Julia Staab

Though the legend is often discredited as tourist folklore, ghost hunters, tourists and curious Santa Feans alike attest to the lingering presence of Julia Staab at La Posada de Santa Fe hotel. Julia immigrated to America from Germany in the late 1800s. She married Abraham Staab on the promise he would build her the largest, most magnificent mansion in Santa Fe.

Josette Gurulé is a senior at the Academy for Technology and the Classics. Contact her at gurule.josette@gmail.com.

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