Before I get into it, I’m going to break down some terms that certain people have proven they need to see a definition of.

Feminism: The belief that everyone of every gender is worth the same. That we are born with inherent worth. Nothing about your body, specifically the gender you were assigned at birth, can take that away from you.

Child: A tiny, impressionable human who deserves respect now, and for the rest of their life, regardless of their gender.

New Mexico House Bill 304: Sponsored by state Reps. Zach Cook, Rod Montoya, Jim Townsend, Rachel Black and Stefani Lord, the bill would prohibit any girl who was assigned male at birth from participating in women’s sports. Although it primarily focuses on schoolchildren, it never explicitly sets the limit there.

It’s called the Women’s Sports Protection Act, and it’s been in a standstill since its introduction Feb. 18 in the legislative session. Neither the promised “protection” nor the mostly negative feedback it has received from New Mexico’s government are as good as they sound.

This form of blind, needless hatred is a disease, and even though the version that has found its way to New Mexico is tame in comparison to extreme measures of discrimination that have far more support in states such as Arkansas, Texas and Florida, this ideology is a reality in this state.

Speaking as a cisgender girl, and therefore someone these lawmakers and their supporters claim they want to “protect” through this sorry excuse for lawmaking, I don’t want this. And I haven’t spoken to anyone who does. These Republican lawmakers are hiding their prejudice behind pretending to finally care about women. And hiding their discriminatory laws behind other news.

What is anyone getting out of this? And what difference does it make to you?

When those sponsoring the bill were pressed to name incidents in which trans athletes were causing harm, they could only cite two. Neither took place in New Mexico, and in both, the issue was not an “uneven playing field” but a complaining parent.

If this nightmare weren’t real, it would be deeply ironic. The last section of the bill outlines instructions for girls who received “any psychological, emotional or physical harm” from their respective school being forced to abide by this monstrosity. The only purpose it would serve would be to alienate students who already feel like outsiders, which definitely checks the box of “harming girls.”

And one final note for those state lawmakers who sponsored this measure: Please stop hiding your prejudice behind a flimsy faux-feminism. If you want to do something for girls, respect us, all of us, or resign.

Emma Meyers will be a junior at Santa Fe Prep. Contact her at

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Bill Cass

You're labeling this as "blind, needless hatred" shows your lack of objectivity and, in your own way, your hatred. Two female boxers suffered permanent brain injuries when competing against trans females. The New Zealand trans woman who will compete in the Olympics competed as a male up until a couple of years ago, and consistently wins as a female. You say that all humans are born with intrinsic worth. I agree. And girls should be allowed to maintain their worth and not have to compete against biological males.

Richard Reinders

[thumbup][thumbup] biology speaks for its self

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