I’ve been working on my own music for two years now. During that time, I’ve aimed to perfect the messages of my songs, making sure the metaphors work and the sounds match the meaning. This has required several rewrites. I barely released my first song just a couple months ago, so it slightly irritates me when someone tries to rush making music, seemingly just for attention, without any message, care or even skill.

Here’s the thing: I never wanted to make music before two years ago. I had no reason to. But then I had a message I wanted to share, so I started writing. To me, that is the point of music.

Since I started, I’ve seen a spike in people at my school making music for “clout.” They want the attention, and they do it to be cool, which usually dumbs it down or makes the music flat-out bad.

What everyone seems to be doing with is “flexing,” or showing off. This includes flaunting their money, their ability to attract girls or how tough they are. Everyone I know behind that music has none of that though. They aren’t rich, they don’t date hot girls and they’re not tough. If they were doing it ironically, I’d forgive it, but they aren’t. They’re doing it for clout and have nothing real to say. If your music isn’t serious, how can I take it seriously?

Also, when I say they make music just to make music, I literally mean these people put about an hour into a song — max. Which, again, makes it bad. I make my own beats and background music, while these people are just pulling free beats off of the internet and rapping over it, poorly. There’s no flow or enthusiasm. No passion. Just dumb lyrics on an over-the-top trap beat. My biggest problem is how lazy it is.

Fellow students support their music because of who they are, not because of the actual music. They didn’t work for it, and even when it’s bad, everyone says it’s good so they can come across a bit cooler to that person.

If you aren’t passionate about your music, how do you expect it to be good? If you don’t take time to craft it, how do you expect it to be clean or layered? Maybe I should’ve rushed through my craft, bragged about things I don’t have and people would’ve loved it. How dumb.