Sometimes seeing somebody with their significant other can be really sweet. It’s nice to watch people loving each other — in small doses. But there are people out there who abuse their social media privileges and turn their profiles into a full-on shrine to their relationship. It’s annoying, so I’m here to tell all you clueless lovers out there one thing: Nobody cares about your relationship.

Don’t get me wrong: If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, make them feel prized. However, don’t brag about your prize to everyone. That’s like someone getting a car and posting a bunch of pictures of it online. Nobody cares about your stupid car anymore than they do about that relationship. It makes you look really desperate to show off some happiness with all the clusters of kissing emojis and constant “boos” and “baes” and cringe-worthy love quotes from a Minions picture slapped on the background. It’s the same old annoying bubblegum riffraff over and over again. I can’t take it!

One criticism is the fact that most couples who post their relationship all over the place frequently break up within a month or two. Why hype me up like that? We are rooting for you (OK, not really), but then you just break up out of nowhere. All your adoring fans are now left devastated.

Speaking of breakups, can we stop the heartbroken paragraphs? I actually care less about you being heartbroken from the breakup than the actual relationship. In fact, I laugh because you threw your happiness in my face. Girls seem to do this more than boys, in my view. I’m sorry, but the only people who are gonna act like they care are the next guys trying to pick you up. That’s it. I know you do it for the attention. Stop it.

That’s exactly why people post their relationships on social media: attention. It’s not because they “love each other so much.” It’s people with low self-esteem who need to show the world that someone cares about them. It’s sad when I see these people tagging their significant other in loving posts and memes, and their significant other NEVER reacts to it. You know why? Because that significant other knows it’s cringe-inducing and doesn’t want to be associated with it. Take the hint.

Again, I think seeing people with their significant others on social media can be really heartwarming. When I see a picture of a refreshingly beautiful couple together, it tugs at my little heartstrings. Even I will post a picture of my girlfriend and me from time to time because that moment was a genuinely amazing moment. But when you do it all day, every day and are doing it just to shove it down other’ throats, you need to realize that nobody really cares about it but you. And once you break up, you won’t care either.

Isaiah Delgado-Flores is a senior at Pojoaque Valley High School. Contact him at