Pretty much everyone likes listening to music, but each person has a different context around their music. From working out to doing homework to driving, music can be paired with so many activities.

I think teenagers especially have a strong bond with their playlists, with so many options available for virtually any mood, experience and companion. There are algorithms in streaming apps that pull up a seemingly endless queue of songs listeners will likely enjoy, creating a personalized ambiance. Creating a playlist with a friend can be fun, sharing a connection with that person whenever or wherever the tracks come on. The personalization and accessibility of apps like Spotify pair perfectly with high school lifestyles.

For musicians, myself included, listening to music is not just an enjoyable experience but a fascinating one. I find studying and playing music benefits the experience of listening to any given song. There’s a stark contrast between my casual relationship with music about a year ago and my current listening — the only difference is the guitar hanging on my wall getting picked up and played.

Bodhi Lewis will be sophomore at Mandela International Magnet School. Contact him at

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