As a child of immigrant parents, I was raised differently than most kids around me. Throughout my school career, I have been called out for the way I spoke or simply b…

Through Gen Next, I am part of the group of young people who have the power to shape what the future of journalism shakes out to be.

The RPM Act started to gain a lot of attention again as the EPA placed priority on restricting any vehicle modification for motorsports purposes. 

When most of the social avenues teens used prior to the pandemic were shut down with no end in sight, teens across New Mexico felt the effects even harder.

The rollout of vaccines brings a new wave of optimism, but until things return to normal, here are some things that you can try to ease your social-distancing woes.

“It’s odd knowing we are living through history. I’m curious for what the future brings and how we can overcome later situations. COVID-19 has taught me how to adapt, and I am grateful for the time I have had to get to know myself.”

As more and more teachers get vaccinated, schools believe this makes it completely OK to send vulnerable students back to school. It’s not.

My View Ian Hernandez-Rojas

One month under President Biden

President Biden is bringing the nation back to a state of normalcy and reigniting a hope for the future. 

A lot of teens are planning to spend this Valentine’s Day watching movies, and here are some that Gen Next recommends you add to your queue this holiday.

Many moviegoers were left waiting last year as the release dates of several highly anticipated films were postponed until 2021 due to the pandemic.

Here are some bills on the docket this session that could make a difference in the lives of people, including teens, in New Mexico.

For many, the vaccine is a chance at a normal life. It's a chance to return to jobs and put food on the table again. And it's a chance to ease the burden of fear and concern that rests on the shoulders of so many people at highest risk.

The characters are endearing, the plot is interesting and sweet, and the artwork is the most gorgeous that I’ve ever seen in a film

To Generation Z teens, these communication tools create unity — whether it be a universal laugh or a call to activism. 

The app has made significant strides in accomplishing less superficial goals and allowing members of Generation Z to share their voices and opinions.