The iconic K-pop group BTS has returned with its latest album BE, which serves as an ode to life amid quarantine. The eight-track album, which features the group’s Gra…

With a dark history behind the traditional Thanksgiving holiday, many New Mexican residents find the celebrations controversial.

Thanksgiving is overshadowed by the ruthless commercialization of the winter holidays, with the timing of Thanksgiving used as an excuse to market items including new video games, power drills and high-definition televisions

Some local teens believe media coverage helps bring awareness to mental illness and normalizes its widespread effects. Others, however, believe the media stereotypes conditions such as depression and anxiety. 

As Election Day nears, American voters — and people across the world — are reflecting on President Donald Trump’s time in office and how his leadership has impacted the U.S.

We say every election is critical, but the upcoming Nov. 3 election is actually one of the most important — if not the most important — in our country’s history.

Did the people in admissions make a mistake when there are so many other people who are more qualified than me? Am I good enough to be here?

A lot of locals who are regulars on the mountain missed out on passes this year, and the community is ripe with outrage and disappointment.

New Mexico youth say it is more important than ever to learn about racism, take a stand against it and hold conversations with friends and family — regardless of how uncomfortable they are. 

Spreading awareness is, of course, the first step to solving a problem, but I don’t believe reposting an image or a video is a very effective way of helping important causes. 

For too many young people in the Santa Fe community this year, their time as a teenager has not been a beginning; it's been an end.

To me, it's obvious that drastic climate change is not a new concept; it's just that humans have refused — for too long — to do much about it.

Since New Mexico's first reported case of the coronavirus on March 11, the state — and the whole nation — has seen a massive change in routine and policy to help "flat…

Young entrepreneurs Yang Toledo, Lulu Sulich and Indie Russell follow their passions and launch creative ventures online.

Beyond providing a safe space, LGBTQ groups help youth feel empowered in their own skin.

A list of quick, easy, microwave-friendly and (mostly) nutritious meals that college kids can make in their dorms.

the do's and don'ts of how to breakup without breaking a heart, and how to respond.

It's been just over two weeks since Santa Fe High School basketball star Fedonta "JB" White was shot and killed. Add his death to the list of teens whose lives have be…

Some people think of K-pop fandom as a welcoming, friendly community, while others think of the niche following as aggressively obsessive about their favorite groups.

For some New Mexican teens, cars are cornerstones of community, outlets for artistic self-expression and even tools for faith.