For too many young people in the Santa Fe community this year, their time as a teenager has not been a beginning; it's been an end.

To me, it's obvious that drastic climate change is not a new concept; it's just that humans have refused — for too long — to do much about it.

Since New Mexico's first reported case of the coronavirus on March 11, the state — and the whole nation — has seen a massive change in routine and policy to help "flat…

Young entrepreneurs Yang Toledo, Lulu Sulich and Indie Russell follow their passions and launch creative ventures online.

Beyond providing a safe space, LGBTQ groups help youth feel empowered in their own skin.

A list of quick, easy, microwave-friendly and (mostly) nutritious meals that college kids can make in their dorms.

the do's and don'ts of how to breakup without breaking a heart, and how to respond.

It's been just over two weeks since Santa Fe High School basketball star Fedonta "JB" White was shot and killed. Add his death to the list of teens whose lives have be…

Some people think of K-pop fandom as a welcoming, friendly community, while others think of the niche following as aggressively obsessive about their favorite groups.

For some New Mexican teens, cars are cornerstones of community, outlets for artistic self-expression and even tools for faith.

Cars are as much a part of our everyday lives as our shoes. They are stylized artworks, status symbols, items of personal expression and even household names.

Pushing through a fog of hatred and ignorance in the form of tear gas and smog, Generation Z kids are fighting for the truth, now more than ever.


Recognizing the roots of yoga

In order to put the focus back where it belongs, yoga teachers and studio owners must invite conversations about cultural appropriation and accountability.

Local experts say that because teens have lost so much, so abruptly, many young are going through a period of grief and suffering from anxiety, depression or both. 

For a Santa Fe teen, summer usually means concert season, pool parties and late nights out with friends, but there is no doubt summer will be different this year.

As recent high school graduates prepare to take on the next chapter of their lives, there are looming challenges and realities, especially for college-age women, they will have to face on their own.

My View Gabriel Biadora

Senior year laid askew

I can't do much of anything to reclaim my senior year — it's already done — so I'm simply accepting whatever comes.

When I started my last season of competitive club volleyball in the winter, I was excited to see how my 10-year career would end.