Ever since stumbling upon Kimnath “Chef Nath” Gyallay-Pap’s mouth-watering Thai-Khmer fusion at Nath’s Inspired Khmer Cuisine in CHOMP Food Hall, I’ve noticed my cravings for her thoughtful, fresh and loaded-with-flavor salads, curries and noodles have only grown. To curb my hankering and bring just a bit of Southeast Asia into my home kitchen, I’ve been making this simple to make, spicy Thai green salad in a variety of ways.

To make it less spicy, you can remove the seeds from the serrano chile or leave the chile out altogether. For the versatility and the crunch, I use romaine lettuce here, but this is just a starting point. Feel free to experiment with cabbage, arugula, spinach, snap peas, celery hearts, scallions, crushed ginger, peanuts, sesame seeds or basil.

The dressing can be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge, making this a breeze to put together, especially if you have the other ingredients cleaned, cut and stored in the fridge ready to go. I love this salad on its own as a full meal or a side. But it’s also wonderful with barbecue pork, rice, cold cooked rice or wheat noodles, beef, fish, shrimp, and even grilled chicken.


Ingredients for spicy Thai green salad.

Marianne Sundquist is a chef and writer who in 2020 co-founded Stokli, an online general store. Email her at marianne@stokli.com.

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