Last weekend at the Santa Fe Farmers Market, instead of walking around looking for meal ideas for the week, I walked around looking for foods to save for the colder months ahead.

Even though the back-to-school schedule has me ready for pajamas by 8 p.m., I know the time to squirrel away food is now. I picked up poblanos for roasting on my Santa Fe Grill (available at, which I store in the freezer throughout the winter, and I eyed some tomatoes for a batch of tomato sauce I plan on making over the next couple of weeks. But I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of herbs everywhere.

For the next couple of weeks, I am going to share some of my favorite methods of preserving. These recipes serve as examples, but I hope they will be more of a jumping off point for you to realize that preserving can occur in so many ways aside from the traditional method of canning, and often simpler than you might think.

Marianne Sundquist is a chef and writer who in 2020 co-founded Stokli, an online general store. Email her at

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