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This raspberry and chocolate ganache tart requires no baking beyond the crust.

Red, ripe and bursting with flavor — it’s high summer, and raspberries are in season. Sometimes called one of nature’s superfruits, they’re as good for you as they are delicious, promoting eye and heart health, and aiding in digestion. So, there are many reasons to purchase these beauties. When you do, select ones that are deep red, well-shaped and unblemished. Check the bottom of the package; there should be no visible discoloration or wet, mushy material. They’re highly perishable, so purchase only what you’ll use in the next two to three days. At home, sort and spread them out in a container (preferably glass), then cover and refrigerate it. Wash them just before using; they’re crushed by running faucet water, so put them in a colander, gently dip it in a bowl of cold standing water, drain the colander, remove the berries and let them dry on paper towels.

When they’re at their best, I present them simply, with accompaniments that complement but don’t compete. This tart is a good example: It’s just beautiful, luscious berries, set off by rich chocolate. Only the crust is baked. The filling, a combination of melted chocolate and cream (called ganache), never sees the inside of an oven. No adjustments are needed for altitude, the recipe works at any elevation.

Raspberry and Chocolate Ganache Tart

Vera Dawson is a high-elevation baking instructor and author of three high-altitude cookbooks (available at Garcia Street Books in Santa Fe). Contact her at veradawson1@gmail.com.

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