As of this week, some of New Mexico’s rarest and finest brews and ciders can be found tucked away in a little taproom at the Luna center, 505 Cerrillos Road. Formerly known as the “new Marble Taproom,” the New Mexico Hard Cider Taproom is owner/cidermaker Craig Moya’s first bar, although he’s worked in restaurants for years. Until last Friday, he was a Santa Fe County firefighter, but he had to quit firefighting to run the bar, because, after all, there are only so many hours in a day.

Moya is the hands and head behind New Mexico Hard Cider, a 2-year-old cidery that began, modestly enough, with some extra apples and a favor.

“One of my buddy’s grandmas had a lot of apples on a tree, and she said, ‘Come get them so they don’t fall on my driveway,’ ” Moya says. “We ended up with 300 pounds, 400 pounds of apples. At the time I was a firefighter with no kids, so I had time. I thought, why don’t we make some booze with all these apples?”

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