As the days get shorter, I’m spending as much time as possible outside with the kids soaking up the warm sun, cool air and golden leaves. With the urge to enjoy these …

With summer vegetables still rolling in, this chicken noodle soup reaches new heights with the addition of corn and chile.

Chilly nights are right around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to share an end-of-summer celebration.

In celebration of stone fruits everywhere that have survived the year, chef Marianne Sundquist shares the recipe for a mouthwatering salad. 

It’s been a long summer, and I have never been so excited to welcome the cozy shift to fall. The leaves on my neighbor’s aspen, which shimmer outside my bedroom window…

This version is sweet, but not overly sweet, and you can use almost any fruit that will soften up in the time the cake is in the oven.

There's no better time to whip up this simple soup than the height of summer

This is a summer dinner salad recipe, but I have to make a confession: It’s not a typical salad. It’s not a typical dinner. It’s not even a typical recipe. In fact, th…

Ilana Rose Blankman serves up comforting dishes from a pint-sized truck at Reunity Farm.

The secret sauce to this salad is the peperonata, which also acts as the vinaigrette. As the peppers slowly cook in olive oil, their natural juices release into the pot.

Cooking dried beans is like a super-safe investment. Sure, they take more time to cook, but you will be rewarded.

Eating with the natural rhythm of the seasons brings about all kinds of good things — better flavor, more nutrients, cost savings and increased variety.

There is something about the rustic, easy assembly and simply prepared summer fruit that makes this recipe a staple for this time of year.

As the weather warms, my craving for fast and easy meals increase in a big way. This is one of my favorite ways to cook fish that is not only a breeze to make, but it …

A West Texas restaurateur plans to expand his ramen-focused eateries with a new location in the Coronado Center on Cordova Road.

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Crisp with kick

Celebrate summer’s arrival with a simple crisp that mingles flavors of rhubarb and strawberries with red chile and lavender.

Skip the flour and try a nutritious sweet potato version of the breakfast favorite

The technique of marinating is two-fold. At the end of the day, it’s about tenderizing and adding flavor.

When we roast a whole chicken, it easily feeds us for three to five meals by doing the roasted chicken-picked chicken-some kind of chicken soup method.

Vegans rejoice: Root 66 Cafe is open for business. The eatery, which began as a food truck serving an all plant-based menu with an emphasis on comfort food, is open fo…

With a combination of spring and New Mexico ingredients, this stew felt like a welcome dose of goodness.

Warm days have arrived, giving me a hankering for one of my favorite salads of all time. You can add grilled chicken, sausage, beef or salmon if you like to bulk it up…

Mother’s Day is going to be different this year, with most of Santa Fe huddled at home and restaurant dining rooms shuttered because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Normally, cinnamon buns in our house are reserved for holidays or birthdays. But these days, I’m looking for every excuse to celebrate.

These past weeks of upheaval and uncertainty have been overwhelming. In the darkness I have seen a light too. Actually, it’s the greatest light I have seen in my lifetime.

It doesn’t matter the month, the weather or what I have on hand: Soup is often the most nourishing food I regularly make.

Liquor stores have been deemed nonessential and ordered closed by the governor, but if you're itching to make a beer run and want to skip the grocery store (who doesn'…

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Painter Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks might come to mind when you approach Café Fina in the evening. Walls of windows give the dining room a fishbowl quality, enveloping everyone in the deep indigo of winter’s nighttime. Is that a coyote watching me sip my soup?

In fall 2018, Paddy Rawal went back to business with Raaga-Go, a takeout-only shop serving a wide range of traditional Indian dishes alongside some of the most popular offerings from his earlier brick-and-mortar incarnation.

Tibet Kitchen's menu presents an ideal opportunity to taste new things and realize that, in what we eat and in many other ways, we have more in common than we think. 

Thirty-six years after it first opened, Saigon Vietnamese Kitchen proves that sometimes playing it safe pays off. You’ll find a smallish set menu here with nary a bite of the usual tendon or tripe in Vietnam’s famous pho, but with dishes that nod to the café’s Chinese restaurant origins.

In seeking out Santa Fe’s most satisfying offerings in this arena, I looked for vegan drinks that could substitute for a light meal, gravitating to those that contain more fat and protein than sugary fruit. 

In this brief window before the New Year, visions of crusted medium-rare filets and succulent lobster tails tend to dance in our heads. ’Tis the season for the kind of decadence we usually parcel out over the rest of the year. But at Market Steer Steakhouse, the new dining destination at the Hotel St. Francis, such occasions are a year-round affair.

Restaurant Review

La vie en rose: Clafoutis

Customers have been lining up at Clafoutis since it opened in 2007, the loyal local following undeterred by the tiny, tightly packed dining room, the long wait for seating, or the totally inadequate parking at the bakery’s original location on Guadalupe Street. The restaurant’s move to Body’s former café space on West Cordova Road last spring resolved two of those decade-old problems: The seating has almost doubled, and the parking is now easy and abundant.