Discover a vast range of flavors with this grilled radicchio and beet salad.

Some credit Franciscan monks for this simple dessert of whipped egg yolks, sugar and wine. Others say Caterina de' Medici, Queen Mother of France in the 16th century, …

Consider this an ode to ice cream as well as its cousins.

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There are recipes and cooking techniques that almost always elicit a cocked eyebrow from some readers. Anything deep fried is one. Cooking fish is another, especially …

This simple recipe for red chile hot fudge is a lovely addition to a simple hot-fudge sundae with some fresh whipped cream and, of course, a cherry on top.

My favorite thing about this salad is the flavors of the grilled chicken, yogurt, grapes, herbs and jalapeño playing off one another.

This cashew hummus can be used as a dip, spread or even thinned out with water and/or lemon to make it more of a sauce.

It’s easy to talk about cooking as a monolithic concept, but there’s so much more nuance to it. You may use one method in a recipe, or multiple. You could have one com…

Chilly nights and warm days make this tropical take on the classic avgolemono an easy choice lately.

This baked rhubarb tart with a Southwest twist is a celebration of early spring and a reminder of the bounty of summer fruits ahead.

Can a person have their gazpacho cake and eat it, too? I think so.

More than a few times, I’ve heard people complain Santa Fe’s restaurant scene is “behind the times” compared to bigger cities, especially by people who moved here from…

Culinary whiz Victoria Bruneni, who can whip up anything from Italian pasta dishes to Thai soups to burgers and burritos, is exploring her niche in the Santa Fe food landscape.

This recipe for parmesan potato and broccoli soup tastes more decadent than it actually is.

When you can’t grab takeout, this curry chicken and noodles recipe comes to the rescue.

When it comes to dessert making, I have one thing on my mind: ease. Many variables are at play, so let’s be honest — a lot can go wrong. There’s time, temperature, hum…

I was reminded recently about the many health benefits of beans, so I’ve been trying to incorporate them more into our day-to-day meals. I’m happy to report I have dec…

No matter what the weather brings, this is a stew that will offer warmth and nourishment.

Haley Crumbacher became owner of the lovely little spot at 228 Old Santa Fe Trail just 10 days before the coronavirus lockdown began in March.

This punch calls for a dry sparkling wine as the base but is just as delicious without it if you want to use sparkling water instead.

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Painter Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks might come to mind when you approach Café Fina in the evening. Walls of windows give the dining room a fishbowl quality, enveloping everyone in the deep indigo of winter’s nighttime. Is that a coyote watching me sip my soup?

In fall 2018, Paddy Rawal went back to business with Raaga-Go, a takeout-only shop serving a wide range of traditional Indian dishes alongside some of the most popular offerings from his earlier brick-and-mortar incarnation.

Tibet Kitchen's menu presents an ideal opportunity to taste new things and realize that, in what we eat and in many other ways, we have more in common than we think. 

Thirty-six years after it first opened, Saigon Vietnamese Kitchen proves that sometimes playing it safe pays off. You’ll find a smallish set menu here with nary a bite of the usual tendon or tripe in Vietnam’s famous pho, but with dishes that nod to the café’s Chinese restaurant origins.

In seeking out Santa Fe’s most satisfying offerings in this arena, I looked for vegan drinks that could substitute for a light meal, gravitating to those that contain more fat and protein than sugary fruit. 

In this brief window before the New Year, visions of crusted medium-rare filets and succulent lobster tails tend to dance in our heads. ’Tis the season for the kind of decadence we usually parcel out over the rest of the year. But at Market Steer Steakhouse, the new dining destination at the Hotel St. Francis, such occasions are a year-round affair.

Restaurant Review

La vie en rose: Clafoutis

Customers have been lining up at Clafoutis since it opened in 2007, the loyal local following undeterred by the tiny, tightly packed dining room, the long wait for seating, or the totally inadequate parking at the bakery’s original location on Guadalupe Street. The restaurant’s move to Body’s former café space on West Cordova Road last spring resolved two of those decade-old problems: The seating has almost doubled, and the parking is now easy and abundant.