In the decade since contracting to be the “principal author” of the state’s free e-book, Roof-Reliant Landscaping: Rainwater Harvesting with Cistern Systems in New Mexico, water harvesting — the collection, conveyance, storage, filtration, and redistribution of rain, snow, sleet, hail, dew, and fog — has been gaining in popularity.

As humans wake to the challenging water situation we face, I’m happy to report that Roof-Reliant Landscaping has stood the test of time. Originally produced by the Office of the State Engineer (OSE) in 2008, the how-to is a guide for anyone embarking on a cistern project. With the recent announcement that Patti Bushee will be leaving her Santa Fe City Council post at the end of her fourth four-year term, it’s time for this book to get its due.

Coincidentally, in August I started the orderly posting of Roof-Reliant Landscaping at The whole book should be out by February 2016 — just in time for peak cistern-system-design season. (If you want to get started sooner, no sweat. You can always get the entire shebang at the OSE’s link, Or contact me directly.)


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