Feng shui is like country music: it’s mostly about love and money, or both. I’ve been a feng shui consultant for over two decades, and it seems that people’s hearts and wallets are their biggest challenges. Feng shui is about aligning and balancing the energy of a home, making it feel happy and productive. When energy is out of sync, we feel stuck and have difficulty moving forward in life. Everything in a home can be feng shui’d, even the sheets — we do spend half a lifetime between them!

Like Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, my experience has shown me that colors and patterns of sheets subliminally impact us. Pay attention to the patterns you sleep on. Stripes suggest jails, grids fishing nets, and polka dots disconnection. Repetition leads to psychological autosuggestion and will eventually materialize. Avoid black sheets; they are for vampires.

Lavender is healing, and creamy whites work for everyone. Red sheets are appropriate for Valentines Day or brothels but deserve a warning sticker on the box if used over a long period of time. Once a CFO requested a consultation and said she was great at making money but couldn’t keep a boyfriend. The deal was they’d have great sex, fight like cats and dogs, and then he slammed the door behind him, never to return. She took me to her kingsize bed, which had red silk sheets on it. Bingo! No wonder her relationships exploded: the red sheets caused spontaneous combustion! I suggested she replace them with rose-colored sheets. A few months later she called saying she had found the love of her life and was engaged. Guess she won’t need the fire extinguisher any more.

Conversely, racing cars, rockets, and zigzags are too restless for kids. An exasperated mother asked to be helped with her child who had poor concentration at school. I went to his bedroom and his bed was in the shape of a racing car with matching racing car sheets. I suggested she purchase a regular bed and light blue sheets for her boy. Over time his focus improved and so did his grades.

Choose 100 percent cotton sheets over poly cotton, which causes static. There’s enough static in the world; you don’t need any more. The vibration of certain colors support the body in healing. Rashes are irritated by burgundies but soothed by a sage greens. Use the opposite color sheet of the affected area, not the same color. For example, people suffering from depression should avoid blue sheets, because it will make them feel “bluer.”

Chose your friends and your sheets wisely. Sweet dreams.

Stefania Masoni has been a feng shui master for over 20 years with clients all over the world. Currently, she is a broker at Santa Fe Properties, through her knowledge of feng shui finds buyers great homes and assists sellers in preparing their properties for smooth closings. See www.stefaniamasoni.com or call 505-906-1600.