Mark Nepo writes beautifully about the experience of life. In The Book of Awakening, he writes about an elusive sea anemone on the deep ocean floor that looks like a “watery blossom. It is white lace opening under tons of black, opening as if bathed in the sun, while so far from the sun. That is the trick to staying well, isn’t it: to feel the sun even in the dark. To not lose the truth of things when they go out of view.”

Not losing the truth of things when they go out of view is also the essence of hope.

Having hope is intertwined with having resilience, our own agency, confidence and faith. Hope keeps us buoyant. Hope keeps us feeling the sun even in the dark. How can we inspire hope in our children so that they can wrap themselves in that lifejacket when seas are rough? Here are a few ways.

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