Faces & places

Blaze Frost, 14, has been named the winner of the Railyard Park Conservancy’s 2018 Youth Photo Contest. Her winning photograph, Reflections, has received accolades both from the Railyard Art Project Committee, which judged the submissions, and from the greater Santa Fe community, the conservancy says in its recent newsletter.

Blaze comes from a family of artists — both of her grandfathers were professional potters, and her father has a background in the arts.

She said her love for photography was ignited by a four-month mentorship with local professional photographers Esha Chiocchio and Jamie Stillings, who taught her how to use a camera and gave her insight into the importance of lighting and unique perspective to take stunning images of her community.

Blaze draws her inspiration from the people she loves. She enjoys taking portraits of her friends and family and frequents the Railyard Plaza as her favorite hangout spot in Santa Fe.

The Railyard is where Blaze likes to capture the bustling of life and the stillness of the sunrise and sunsets and, of course, to catch a movie at the Violet Crown, she told the Railyard Park Conservancy.

When asked about her favorite part about Reflections, Blaze said, “Mainly just getting to show people and share it with everyone.”