Several columns past, I took to my bully pulpit and excoriated men who are married with children for being fathers first and husbands a distant second (maybe even thir…

How do you feel about being expected to choose a career path at such a young age?

For me and many others, college is the first time we will leave home and our home state for such a long period of time.

My favorite thing about this salad is the flavors of the grilled chicken, yogurt, grapes, herbs and jalapeño playing off one another.

The other night I talked to a friend who works as a contact tracer for the New Mexico Department of Health. She said she has heard hundreds of reasons why people haven…

Wickedly magnificent and truly shocking is how I would describe the new live-action Disney film Cruella, which can be found in theaters or on the streaming service Disney+.

Most people over the age of 40 hear the words “video game” and think of sitting in front of the TV playing on the Nintendo, but modern games have come a long way, even…

As we emerge from a challenging year of isolation and uncertainty, Memorial Day weekend will likely mark a significant turning point in how we spend our time and with whom.

No small number of today’s parents view their children through psychological lenses, especially when it comes to misbehavior. Instead of regarding a given misbehavior …

This cashew hummus can be used as a dip, spread or even thinned out with water and/or lemon to make it more of a sauce.

It’s easy to talk about cooking as a monolithic concept, but there’s so much more nuance to it. You may use one method in a recipe, or multiple. You could have one com…

The feedback from my last column on given names and nicknames (“Getting names right is matter of respect,” May 2) was both informative and inspiring.

Question: I’m a working single mom with a 4-year-old daughter who won’t go to sleep unless I lie down with her. Plus, if she wakes up in the middle of the night to fin…

The male gaze has, at times, estranged me from myself. It led me to view my body as something that needed to be worthy of consumption.

My View Niveditha Bala

Proud to be Indian

In the media, Indian characters often are portrayed as socially inept and unfamiliar with American culture. They do not exist outside of their Indian-ness, manifested through often over exaggerated and misrepresentative caricatures of their religion, traditions or way of speaking.

Chilly nights and warm days make this tropical take on the classic avgolemono an easy choice lately.

At the assembly, students who'd applied and accepted offers from colleges were introduced and seniors who'd received scholarships also were recognized.

Most students with disabilities are not receiving Social Security benefits, but those who are do not necessarily have to worry about losing those benefits from working a summer job.

Magic words are words parents believe will magically change a child’s attitude or behavior.

If children grow up believing that they need to dodge sadness, they will be missing out on much self-understanding and a lot of richness in their lives.