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The application queue for assistance is now closed for the 2021-22 cycle.

2021 Empty Stocking Fund donors list

Empty Stocking Fund donors list

Anonymous (multiple donors)
Linda Adams and Cherly Perre
Raymond and Gloria Ahlgrim
Fred and Phyllis Altenhaus
Keith K. Anderson and Barbara G. Lenssen
Maggie K. and Christian T. Andersson
Edward Angus
Dr. Loretta Armer
Kathy Adelsheim and Laurel Awishus
Cynthia Baughman
Elizabeth Bear
JoAnn Bethel
Dorsey Bethune
Alix Bjorklund
Bruce and Mary Black
David and Karen Blazosky
Charles Aldrich and Susan Bloch
Diane and David Bricker
James and Kathleen Brown
The Bull Ring
Margaret Caffey
Tom and Judy Carr
Catholic Daughters of America Court Santa Maria De La Paz #2394
Patricia Celebcigil
Chris Chavez
Jack Clifford and Fran Talley
Peter Clout and Marlene Jackson
Janet Clow and David Cunningham
Roxanne and Andrew Connan
Laura Corbin - in memory of Katherine Carter
Covington Family Fund
Mary Daggett and Vicente Archuleta
William Derbyshire - in memory of Veronica Reed
Constance Deschmaps - in honor of my grandsons Tom Leonard, Russ Leonard and Egan Deschamps
Paula and Neal Devitt
Enterprise Bank & Trust Foundation & Tony Ornelas
Elise & Matt Fagan
Laurie Farber-Condon
Steve and Anne Farber - in memory of John Silver
Dwight and Dorothy Finkel
Judith Gabriele and Vinnie Kelley - in memory of Mark Kelley
Frank and Maria Gallegos
Joe and Debra Garcia
Cheryl Gardopee
Zoe Gayl
Gino's Gym - in memory of Angie Brazil
Gilbert and Maria Gonzales
Henry and Silvia Gonzales
Laird Graeser and Jonelle Maison
Gerald and Diane Gulseth
Margie Hall
Robert Harris and MaryJo Lane
David Hawkanson
Hal Logsdon and Gordon Hawthorne
Bernhard Holzapfel
Shirley Huber
Pamela Hyde
Ideation, Inc.
Stephen and Claudia Inoue
Julia Johnson
Mary and Robert Johnston
Eileen Joyce
Norm Kaczmarek - in memory of Mary Kaczmarek
Anne and Mark Keller
Chris and Jim Kemper
David King
Steve Kopelman - in memory of Laura Taffany
La Mesa of Santa Fe
Elena Lamb
Gayle Langford
Bruce E. and Mary Anne Larsen
Stella Lavadie - in Honor of 100th Birthday
Don and Allison Lemons
Gael Levings
Nikki and Kathy Longinaker
Nathalie Love
Kim and Michael Lynch
Mary Malkmus
Dino Martinez
John and Kathleen McCarthy
Margaret McCown
Meehan Family Fund - Marsha and James Meehan
Montoya Family - in memory of Vicky Sena and Louis Valerio
Ms. Nicoletta Munroe
Joan Murphy
Nancy Ann Mellen Foundation
Joan Lombardi and Lee J. Nash
Katherine Nelson and Jerry Lee
Judy and Jim Nelson-Moore
Mary Neparko
Diane and Evan Noveroske
Billy and June Parker
Alice Pasqualetti
Jon K. Peck and Adair L. Waldenberg
Gerry Perrin
Lynn Pickard
Bernadette Pogue - in loving memory of Ed Pogue
Margaret Powers
Mark and Doris Prokop
Jennifer Pruett and Kennan Girdner
Retired Book Club - in memory of Marlys White
Russ and Mary Roberts
Yvonne and James Rogers
Jose and Susan Jean Rojas
Kristin Rowley
Christine E. and R. G. Russell
Mary Anne and Allen Sanborn
Pamela Saunders-Albin
Tony and Sarah Sawtell
Karen Schmidt
Kathi & Gene Schofield
Jack and Peggy Seigel
John Shaffer
Betsy and Tom Shillinglaw
Ken and Martha Simonsen
John and Roberta Simpson
Sarah Sisk
Smidinger Trust
Leslie K. Smith
Thomas and Hendrika Spier
Linda Stanford
Bob and Debbie Stone
Patricia and Michael Sullivan
Rich and Janie Thelin
Linda and Jeromuir Trujillo
Jerri Udelson
Andrew Ungerleider and Dhari Gray
Joseph Valdes and Bernadette Pesenti-Valdes
Todd Van Dyke
Frederick Vigil
Bob and Mary Lee Virden
Lynn Walters
Bill & Aria White - in memory of Glenn Martin
Rollin & Cheryl Whitman
Jody and Rob Wilson
Yaritza M
Allen Ogard
Ann MacVicar - in memory of Mary Dale Gordon
Anonymous (multiple donors)
Astrid and Peter Fieger
Bill and Louise Haas
Brian Goldbeck & Naraa Shirendev
Byron Gross and Ricky Tovim
Dawn Wright
Diane Addis and Adam Latham
Dorothy Patinka
Earl Potter
Erin Currier
Georgellen Burnett
Gloria Kratz and David Gratson
Hilary and Byron Gangnes
Jacqueline Jadrnak
Jerry Zollars
Joan Conrow
Mammel Family Foundation
Michael Melody and Bonnie Binkert
Nance & Ramon Jose Lopez
Nancy and George Yankura
Oneida Brooks and Bradley Gummersall
Pam and Bo Howard
Rosalind Doherty
Sanjiv and Sujatha Doreswamy
Shankha and Deirdre Mitra
Stan and Mary Lou Cooper
Thomas Hall
Tori Warner Shepard in memory of David Shepard
Valerie Frost
William and Elaine Clelland
Chuck and Roberta Adams
Anonymous (multiple donors)
Orlando and Michelle Archuleta
Margaret Armstrong
Marilyn Bennett
Gay Block & Billie Parker
Bob and Connie Bright
Leslie & Brad Burnside
Joseph & Robin Carlson
Amy Wohlert and Joseph Cecchi
Tony Mathy and Cordelia Crane - In memory of Marissa Mathy Zvaifler
George and Christy Croshaw
Shirley Cruse
Margaret Detwiler - In honor of Nancy Hite
Chris & Nancy Deyo
Lawrence Logan and Linda Donnels
Virginia Dunlap & Steve Oszaczky
Brenda Edelson
Brian Braa & Andy Eiseman
Yolanda and Abram Eisenstein
Janet and Jim Elder
Enterprise Bank & Trust
Betty G Farrell
Laraine Ferguson - In memory of Grandpa Ferguson
Barbara Fix - In memory of Rudy Sena and Greg Marshall
Dylan & Alexis Fuge
J. E. Gallegos
Peter C. and Ann E. Garcia
Amy Gitnick - In honor of Lorna Sykes
Robert A. Glick and Jacquelyn M. Helin
Anne Wheelock Gonzales - In memory of Ernesto R. Gonzales
Elizabeth Gutierrez & Richard Schoegler
Ernie and Laura Gutierrez
P. Shannon Gutierrez
Sarah Hayes
Sheela Hewitt
Hill Associates
Hoffmann-Bravy Charitable Foundation
Roger & Meredith Hutson
Christa & Rich Irell
Brenda & Michael Jerome
Betsy & Tom Jones
Judy Jones
Dorothy and Plato Karayanis
Jacinta Hart Kehoe
George and Bonnie Kopp
Nancy Kurnath
Carolyn Lamb and Steve Reed
Ann Lawrence
M. Diane Le Zotte
Tim and Marcia Lenihan
Paula Lozar
Allen & Tina Ludutsky-Taylor
Helene Madonick and Laura Einstein
Ron and Joy Mandelbaum
Nancy and Gary Maner
Geoffrey & Janet Marshall
Matthew Mawby & Elizabeth Caldwell
Jon McDonald
William and Lois Mee - On behalf of Agua Fria Village
Tim & Dotti Merrigan
Chris & Celina Meyer
Ralph L. and Esther H. Milnes
Susy Moesch
David T. Morice
Beverly & Mike Morris
Carol Ann Mullaney
Cheryl and Kelley Nace
Roger & Connie Nelson
Jayne and Ed Nordstrom
Candy & Frank Norris
Karan and Bob Novak
Malcolm and Josie Ozelton
Lisa P.
Douglas Pfliger
Jeff and Desiree Pitman
Janey Potts - With gratitude to the Rivera Family
Lauren & Larry Prescott
Deborah Quirk
Karen and Carl Rago
Karl and Lisa Ray
Loyd and Connie Reifel
Jerry Richardson - In memory of John Silver
Cindy and Bob Rinaldi
Steve and Elaine Rivera - In memory of brother Carlos and nephew Jarod
Chet and Theresa Roach - In memory of David Dec
Ward Russell - In remembrance of Mary Cay Russell
Casey & Kristin Ryan
Santa Fe Advisors
Santa Fe Workshops
Paula Sass Donnelly
Seth Schild
Phil & Laura Sena
Alan Shapiro
Brenda Shears & Keith Kintigh
Denise Shreeve
Pat and Martha Simons
Sandra L. Sparks
Norbert and Betty Sperlich
Helen C. Stacey
Susan Stickney - In memory of Cary Stickney
Dennis and Suzi Strauch
Richard & Kim Tate
Sid & Trina Thomas
Greg Miscikowski & Todd Tierney
Richard Tyner
Solveiga Unger
Ruth & Arnold Valerio
Bernard and Josephine van der Hoeven
Bill Varnum
Joann D. Volinski
Paul & Andrea Whalen
Judy and Andy Winnegar
Gary A Horecka & Thomas Wither
Carolyn and Aaron Wolf
Ellis Wright
Fred & Florence Wright
Patricia and Nolan Zisman
Eric Zuckerman and Catherine Hathaway
Anonymous (multiple donors)
Anonymous - In memory of Senta Hoge
Martha Applegate
Lynn Atkison
Joan Brooks Baker and Margeaux Klein, 221 Fund at New Mexico Foundation
Jane Bates
Benevolent Patriotic Order of Does, Santa Fe Drove No. 57
Steve and Adrienne Bing
Marion R. Blodgett
Margarita Brandes
Julie Canepa
Margret Carde and Richard Weinstein
Ralph Cooley
Chris Oechsli and Julie Ann Dakin
Sarah Daly - In loving memory of Bart J. Daly, Sr. by April Adams, Kevin and Sarah Daly
Jacqueline and David Duchane
Halley Faust and Eve Cohen
Walter Futrell
Robin and James Gavin
John Gee and Kathy Kronenberg
Suzanne and Norman George
Amy Ginnow & Andrée Morin
The Golden Eye
Dr. Janis Gonzales
Stephanie Greene - In loving memory of John A. Mattson
Matt Brooks
Susan & Allen Gutheim
Sara and Dick Haber
Barbara Harrelson - In memory of Steve Wimmer
Helen and William Hensley
Katherine Higgins
Dr. Leigh Hoppe
Ann Hosfeld
Gerard & Janet Iff
Diane and John Jennings
Thomas Jensen - In memory of JJ
Ernestine Jones
Roger & Diane Joyce
Scott and Rita Karns
Daniel & Marian Knowles
Chelsea Langer
Dr. Bob & Kim Larsen
Lucy Lippard
Jean Marrs
Melanie McWhorter
Lynn - In memory of her parents, Larry and Jessie Waterman
Laura and Andrew Montoya
Mark & Barbara Mortier
Mary Louise Nenno
Jorden Nye
J. Michael Pearce and Margaret Maya Page
Jim & Nancy Pierce
Mary Beth and Paul Pizzoli
Cecilia Popp and Barak Wolff
Pamela Quay
Lucille Quintana - In memory of Peter B. Quintana
Irene Romero
Cat Scheibner and Carrie Haag
Richard T. Hasbrouck and Mary F. Singleton
Ashley Sipchen and Sean Purtill
Stephen and Lozen Snyder
Deborah and Howard Spiegelman
Joyce Spray and Maria Spray
Art & Julie Vollmer
White & Luff Financial, Inc.
Woods Design Builders - In honor of Brett Bachman and Elisbeth Challener
Sharon Woods
Harry Wright
Mel and Barbara Yost
Doug and Katie Zang
Anonymous (multiple donors)
Anonymous - In memory of Edmund Alarid
Anonymous - In memory of Irene "Don't Be A Doofus" Baumgartner
Eliseo and Olivia Armijo - In memory of our son, Adam Gabriel Armijo
Lars and Lynn Balck
Paul Barnes & Vernon James
Joseph and Lori Baros - In loving memory of Dora Baros
Bellas Artes Ltd.
Lisa Moroz and Joy Berkley
John Boland
Ted and Jamison Borek
LaMerle Boyd and Frank Hoback
John and Suzanne Bremer
Richard Buffler and Christine Boss
Stefany G. Burrowes
Alan Capling
Kim Caylor - In memory of Kate Pittard, Brenda Steward, and The Caylors (Marie & Jim)
Philip Crump & Beverley Spears
Priscilla Dakin & John Daverman
John and Rosella Dallman - In memory of Luis J. Bernardez, II
Joa Dattilo and Jane Oakes
Andrea and Dominic Martinez - In memory of Grandma Anita G. Martinez
Diane and Peter Doniger
Stephen and Karen Durkovich
Jonathan and Louise Fairbank
Frank and Marcia Falcone
James Faris
Feldman Family Charitable Fund
Jeannie Foust and Dave Kahle
Gale Family Fund
Sammy Gallegos
Dielica Gold
Amy and Barbara
Johnny and Rita Griego - In memory of our brother Edward Griego
Blaine Gutermuth
Robert and Marian Haight
David Henkel and Cleo Griffith
Ray and Dolores Herrera - In memory of Colette Herrera Tiner
Mark & Christine Hickman
Jim and Tina Hille
Steve and Kate Horowitz
Jo Ellyn Hughes and Debra Hughes
Beth Kaczmarek
Erica Kane
Helen and Warren Kennedy
John Kennedy and Marcia White
Doris and Richard Kessler
Pauline Kielbasa
Edward and Cynthia Kleiner
Kathryn Leaken
Elmer & Judith Leslie
Stephen Linam & Cassandra Church
Clarence V. Lithgow - In memory of Dawn Lithgow
Dora and Edmudo Lucero - En Memoria de Doreen Lucero Burch
Cindy Simonetti and Jim Lutz
Kathleen Lyons
Renee Martinez & Greg Ridgley
Peter & Emily McCarthy
Amy McMillan - Santa Fe Word
Ben and Anna Mae Montano
Barbara and Thomas Morin
James Morris and Patricia McGrath Morris
Mavis and Michael Murphy
Margaret Norton
C & J Owens
Mary Lou and Alex Padilla
Bradley D. Perkins
Perro Caliente Pictures, Inc.
Ann L. Price - In memory of James Price, MD
Honorable Bill Richardson and Barbara Richardson
Mike and Jennifer Saladen
Anne Salzmann and David McDonald
MaryJoy Ford & Bob Sivinski
Jo Speer
Erik and Jo Beth Speyer
Tom and Carol Stephens
Eila Stevens
Martha Stevens
Karen Stoll - In memory of Brooks Shera
Trudy Swint
John Thilsted and Donna Kusewitt
Deborah and Hubert van Hecke
Philip Vander Wolk & Susan Loomis
Edward and Evelyn Velie
Mary Louise Ward
Terrell & Hanneke White
Paul & Jane Wilken
Robert Williams
Kristie Zamrazil
Jesse and MacKenzie Allen
Anonymous (multiple donors)
Gail and Dana Atkins
Maya and David Aubrey
Brett Bachman and Elisabeth Challenger
Donna Bailey
Christian and Candace Benyei
Laura Birrell & Tim Plog
Bruce and Cynthia Bolene - In memory of John Silver
Jeff and Mary Brannen - In memory of Elna Strand
Susan Breyer
Brooks Kids in honor of Diane and Dave
Markeeta Brown
Joseph and Laurie Canepa
Santa Fe Woman's Club & Library Assoc. - In memory of Maryls White
Rebecca Clay and John Bounds
Roberta F. Colton
Richard & Marilyn Converse
Matthew and Jocelyn Davis
Patricia Feather
David and Peggy Feldt
Rick Franz
Johanna and Patrick Gilligan
David Goodrich and Brian Clarke
Gail Grimes & Mark Greenberg
Lloyd and Robyn Gronning
Debra Halliday
Lana G Hilliard
Elizabeth Hinds - In memory of Ellie Hinds
Ken Hughes
David & Kathryn Jones
Jamie Kirkland
Hazel and Kenneth Kutac
John and Linda Lambert - In memory of Dr. Rebecca Shoden
Susan J. Larson
Amy & Greg Lewis
Bret Luboyeski
Tim and Ann Maxwell
Dr. Charles McCanna and Sue Ann Snyder
Jack and Diane McCarthy
Lynne and Steven Mendes
Audrey Miller
Dal & Teri Moellenberg
Amanda Montgomery and Rick Von Kaenel
David and Donna Morrell
Ray & Rosemary Moya
Greg Neutra
NMSurf, Inc.
Beatrice Ortiz - In memory of Deborah J. Ortiz
Linda Osborne
Bob Howard & Cherry Payne
Ann L. Quarles
R&H Accounting Solutions
Diana O. Rasche
Rick and Alison Reider
Velda Romero - In Memory of Manuel & Kate Miera
Julia B. Rose
Peter Smith & Letitia Chambers
Paul & Nancy Stanford
Sunalei Stewart & Brooke Ahrendsen
Patricia Taylor - In Memory of Michael Agar
Zoe Trimmer and Family - In memory of Len
Deborah J Trouw, CFP® - In honor of Elevation Financial Group clients
Kimball and Sharyn Udall
Dann Kelehan and Kim Washburn
Bette Yozell and Richard Epstein
Ellen Zieselman
Helga Ancona
David and Jane Anderson
Anonymous - In honor of the Guegan Family
Anonymous - In memory of Joe Fernandez and Ernie Fernandez
Anonymous (multiple donors)
Tina Bates
Sue S. Baum
Donald Benjamin and Emily Kimball
Nancy Benkof and Paul Pletka
Luana Berger
Carmine Bianco
Stuart Bluestone and Judy Naumburg
Nancy Bovee
The Brooks Children
Gwynne Brooks
Becky Brower
Christina Bruce
Jim and Paula Burdelski
Colette Capriglione
Marjorie Carlson
Earl Collison
Philip Cook
Michele Craig - In memory of John Rhoades
Jack & MaryLou Davis
Linda DeWolf
John & Emily Drabanski - In memory of Gary Blank
Robert and Judith Eagan
Virginia Fretz
James and JoAnn Gillula
Oralynn and Patricio Guerrerortiz
Annabelle Gutierrez - In memory of Ray Gutierrez
Robert Hashagen
Haught Girls - In loving memory of our folks, Nila and Earl Haught
Robert and Wendy Hill
George Johnson
Tom & Lynda Kellahin
Susan Kelly and Christy Stanley - In memory of Bud Kelly
M R Kielbasa
Margarita and Thomas Kintz
Dennis and Cindy Klaus
TK Koleczek
Judith and William Laughlin
Lynn Lee
Ann and William LeMay
Robert and Terry Lockhart
Randi Lowenthal
Luciano Lucky Varela for New Mexico - In memory of Luciano "Lucky" Varela and Christina M. Varela
Gayatri and Tony Malmed
Eileen Mandel
Ashley and Paul Margetson
Wasana Martineau
Delfin Martinez
E.J. Martinez - In memory of Lala Martinez
Ernest and Patricia Martinez
Bill and Betsy Maxon
Bill and Barbara McDonald
Monroe Gallery of Photography
Riette Mugleston
J. David and Celina Ortiz - In memory of Seferino Ortiz
Otero Consulting
Carole Owens
Evelyn Padilla - In Memory of Ernie Padilla, Mikki, Cristobal, Evie
Milo Petty
Meek Family
Reside Home
Trip Rothschild - The New Mexico Foundation's Laurel Fund
Robin Rubel
Suzie Sattell
Maureen Shearer
Sue Shelley
Marja Springer
Susanne Stauffer
Thomas Stewart
Susan Strang
Joe Tapia
Jim Terr
Joe and Nancy Treat
Carm Trujillo
Henry Valdez
Marie Vigil
Karen Welch
Bruce Weydemeyer and Charlotte Kinney
Steve & Susan Aagaard
Mark Adamson
Ian and Lois
Alison Amann
Anonymous (multiple donors)
Anonymous - In honor of Linda Marcellus
Anonymous - In honor of Ryan Bush
Anonymous - In memory of Carlos Sanchez
Anonymous - In memory of James H. "Bud" Schutz
Richard Arens
Margaret Baca and Jess Maes
Wayne and Karen Barnes
Steven Berkshire
Paul and Ellen Biderman
James Bond and Michele Medinsky
Patricia Bott
Barbara Klein & CB Bowlds
Marty Carvlin - In memory of Rachel dear
Anthony & Jeanette Castor - In memory of Anthony & Michael Castor
Hillel and Sally Liebert
Joan and Richard Chodosh
Ann Christensen and Jay Badger
John G Connell
Dennis Cooper and Adelaide Collins
Karen Cox
Cuddy & McCarthy Law Firm
Barbara and Patrick Culbert
Hope Curtis
David Dennedy-Frank - In memory of Diane Dennedy-Frank
Lori Diehl - In memory of Ron Diehl
Robert and Rita Digneo
Carlos and Barbara Duno
Sheila and Kirk Ellis
Architectural Alliance, Inc.
Kay Enfield
Martha and Bob
Carol Franco and Kent Lineback
Joleen Rocque-Frank and Joe Frank - In honor of all American Health Personnel
Galano family
Brittany Goede
Susan Ward Goodman
Cameron Graham
Tom and Sally Grahn
Diana Gray
Craig and Lisa Hammond
Kat & Art Hansen
Margaret Hartman and Robert Zahary
Sheila Hartney - In honor of Nancy Peterson
Jennifer and Tom Harwood
Judy Henry
Ethel Hess
Roger and Louise Hill
Shirley & Frank Hirsch
Lonnie Howard
Gretchen and Brian Johnson
Margaret Silver Jones
Eslee Kessler
Al Kulp
Catherine & Darryl Lindberg
Vince Long - In honor of Merrimon & Tom Kennedy
Steve and Meredith Machen - In memory of Lois Rudnick
Laird Graeser and Jonelle Maison
Lou & Kathleen Matta
Heather McClure
Thomas & Rosie Mott
Old Santa Fe Association
Ray & Kas Ortiz -- Andrea, Kelli, Hillary, Melinda, Raymond and Meredith
Leonard Padilla
Bill and Kay Pollock
Daryl & Marilyn Proctor
Lois and Bud Redding
Philip O. and Maye Rivera
Lucia F. Sanchez - In memory of Michael F. Sanchez, Sr.
Steven Sandoval - In memory of Margaret S. Trujillo
Beth Schaefer
The Nancy Scheinman and Jim Wheeler Charitable Fund
Joseph Schmitt
David & Terri Selvage
Joey & Ferdi Serim
Sarah Shea
Joan Sickler and Mike Rosow
Suzanne Smith
Richard & Sandra Snider
Margo Spellman & Bryan Tagas
Elizabeth Stefanics and Linda Siegle
Roger Taylor
Jane and Dave Thomas
Y. Valdez
Leslie Van Pelt
Nancy Varvil
Sakina von Briesen
Barbara and Norman Vuylsteke
Greg Walke - In memory of Wanda Reeves
Karen Wolfe-Mattison
John Pittenger & Karen Yori
Barb Zickler
Cate and Ron Adams
Linda Aikin
Anonymous (multiple donors)
Anonymous - In memory of Leo Carrillo
Bad Girls Book Club - In memory of Helen Cerletti
Anne Baldwin and Mike Bremer
Andy & Lynann Barbero - In honor of Kent & Marcia Morris
Mary and John Benziger
Julianne Bodnar
Peggy, Tom, Lily, and Alex - your friends at Book Mountain
David and Hannah Burling
Chris Chavez - In memory of Ramon Chavez n Ernesto Padillia
Pamela Christie
Shelley Cooper
Bob and Karen Copeland
Anne & Dave Curley
Eudice and Les Daly - In memory of Gary Hall
John Donnell and Judy McGowan
Sue Faerman & Barbara Fletcher
Leah Freedman
Randall Galloway
Pamela Schackel and Michael Golden
James and Cynthia Goldstone
Deb Harris/Don Usner
Jacalyn Hollabaugh
Lyndi Hubbell - In memory of brother, Tom and nephew, Daniel
Sara and Russ Hume
Valerie and Tom Jones
Grete Meilman
Ruth Meria and David Noble
Nathaniel Messimer
David and Ann Millican
Ursula and Richard Moeller
Barbara Murphy - In memory of Andrea Kuntz
Nancy Noyes
Jim & Jan Patterson
Dan and Carol Pava
Anne Pfauth
Paul and Donna Reeves
Betsy and Steven Robeson
Paul and Adella Romero - In memory of Paul III, Jerome Romero and James Gutierrez
Sandia Area Federal Credit Union
Santa Fe Federated Republican Women
Gavin and Amy Sayers - In memory of Peter Mullins
Stephen Schmelling and Carlotta Lockmiller
Bob and Judy Sherman
Eugenia Shuller
Genelle Smith
Ishwari Sollohub
Deborah and Marc Sotkin
Southwest Archaeological Consultants
Joseph Stampfer - In memory of Anne and Ted Stampfer
Margaret Urban
Michael and Laurie Vander Velde
Dave and Liz Vlaming
John R. Watson
Marilyn and Ed Winter-Tamkin
John and Cathy Agresto
Jane Alpert
Anonymous (multiple donors)
Anonymous - In memory of Cristina Esqueda
Anonymous - In memory of Nancy Kitts
Anonymous - In memory of Tom and Emerita Ansley
Carol Armbruster & John Haynes
William and Margo Barr
Teresa Barickman and Andy Bartlett
Suzy Blanchet
Bob Brady & Kent Kirkpatrick
Les Brill - In memory of Earl Brill
Builders' Specialty Specialty - Buck & Gina - In honor of Don, Dominic & Andrea Martinez
Julie Campbell - In memory of my father, Don Campbell
Jen Cole and Bill Maguire
Ann & Mark Crouse
Allan & Francesca Davies
Jack Huberman and Nina Dougherty
Susan Dunshee
Lisa Enfield and Paul Bardacke
Blanche Finn and Pamela Trueblood
David Rivard and Carol Fitzpatrick
Ramona Flores-Lopez and Ernest Lopez
Claire Fulenwider and Harriet Forman
Marilyn Foss
Ellen J. Fox
Portia Franklin
Monica Gagnier - In memory of Mark Melchor
Sterling Grogan
George Hadad and Emily Swantner
Beta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma
Karin Hall - In memory of Juan Ledoux
Tom and Janet Hirons
Phil & Judi Huston
Judith Johnson & Stewart Kane - In Memory of Vera Lois Becky Johnson, Maxwell E. Johnson, Merriam Rosenfeld, and Louis Kornblatt
Robert and Cindy Kahn
Sue Katz
Kim Keahbone - In loving memory of George, Tonita and Robert Keahbone
Jim Koster & Mary Peterson
LK Larsen
Morley & Diana Lautens
Marsha McEuen and Steve Lewis
Diane Lotti
Darwin Lowry & Valerie Lapcinski
Erin Hayes Lujan - In memory of Marc Hayes Rivera
Alfred and Lupe Lujan
Carol and Will MacHendrie - In memory of Chuck Purdee
Carol J. Madley
Bryan and Mary Maestas
Jeremy Mann & Renee Gannon
Lucinda Marker - In memory of John Tull
David Markwardt & Tracey Lucas
Robert Mathews and Sandra Ortiz
Kristina Melcher & Daniel Kosharek - In memory of Craig Smith
Joseph & Robyn Miller
Jill Miyagawa & Rocky Royer - In memory of Betty Miyagawa
Juliet Myers
Hervey and Leslie Nathanson Juris
Santa Fe Mother/Daughter Book Club
Janet and Carlos Ortiz - In memory of Fr. Jose Maria Blanch
Carolina Peralta - In memory of Victoria Belen Peralta; Dora, Albert and V.J. Gomez; Priscilla M. Blea
Trudy L Perry
Sandra Place
Melanie Barnes
Anna Richards
Veronica Rigales - In memory of Josefina Mendez
Don & Marlies Rogers
Roberto and Kathleen Ann Romero
Karen Rowell
Benjamin Saiz
Schmidt Family Trust
Jody Soper & Steve Shaw - In memory of David Briscoe
William Siegal and MaryEllen Collins
SLF Foundation
Bret Smoker and Yolanda Colorado
Janet Stoker
Peter & Meredith Tallas
Georgann & Jeffrey Taylor
Frans and Deborah Trouw - In memory of Alyssa N. Trouw
Lisa Danner & Basile Vallas
Sally H. Von Conta
Ed and Sally Walkiewicz
Patricia Wallace and Daniel Peck
Linda Weston - In loving memory of Martha Weston - BEST MOM EVER!!!
Carol Wheeler - In memory of John Wheeler
Jeanne Wilson
Daniel Yohalem and Carmen Lopez
Marceline Adam
Amy and John Amos
Anonymous (multiple donors)
Max Baca
Richard and Gloria Bosson
Laura Brown and Rick Word
Michael Condon and Laurie Farber-Condon
Karen Fitzsimmons - In memory of Thomas Fitzsimmons
Dick and Sue Fox
Susan and Dan Friedman
Linda & Elijah Garcia
William and Adele Glaser
Patricia Griego - In memory of Marina and Gertrude Gurule
Pamela Harper
Karen Heldmeyer
Dennis and Grace Hoilman
Just Fund
Sylvia LaMar and Rod Mehling - In honor of our sisters
Rabbi Martin Levy and Kaycee Canter Levy
Liberty Ranch Infinite Possibilities Fund
Neil and Cindy Lyon
Mary Ellen and William Martin
Lynn McKelvey and Glenn Dickter
Ann Muniz & Gregg Carter
Roger Peterson
Candice and Emanuel Salazar
Nancy Spring
Susan and Conrad De Jong Fund
Paula Timmerman
TW Family Fund

For more than three decades, the Empty Stocking Fund has served as a critical safety net for those experiencing unexpected financial challenges in the community.

Or, you can mail a check to:

The New Mexican's Empty Stocking Fund
c/o The Santa Fe Community Foundation
P.O. Box 1827
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1827

If you can contribute food, clothing, toys, housewares or furniture in good condition, or other items or services, please contact The Salvation Army at 505-988-8054

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