The app can read the news to you, so that you can hear the news, not just read it.

This is great for people for like to get caught up on the news while they're at the gym, or, taking a hike. The app uses an electronic voice to read the news in these cases. Sometimes, especially with Spanish-language words, the pronunciation is funny, but for the most part it's good.
Go to an article page, any page. You'll see a couple of icons on the bottom of the page—if you don't see them, just tap the page to bring them up.
To hear the news, tap on the little 'speaker' icon at the bottom right. It's going to take about 15-20 seconds usually to get the speech to begin as the app reads the article. If you don't have an Internet connection, however, it might not work.

You can also tap the icon with the "A's" to adjust the size of the font.